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Probably because you're on WikiAnswers fooling around when you should be working.

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Q: You labored over your homework and barely finished it on time?
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what- I labored over my homework and barely finished it on time?


What is the definition for that's that?

That's that means that something is finished or over. Example--> He is not allowed out until his homework is done, and that's that!

Does homework take over kids lives?

yes homework does take over your lives so we need to fight back

How do you do you homework when you stack?

I'm not sure what "stack" has to do with doing homework. You plan ahead and get your homework over with before you do anything else.

Why do you get lots of homework over breaks?

You get lots of homework because teachers don't want their students to forget anything over break.

Why should there be no homework over the mid-term break?

there is no homework over mid term because the teachers want u to spend that time studying, not doiong homework although in the olden days, they did have homework during mid-term week.

Would you like school more if there was no homework?

No, because then I would have to stay at school until everybody finished all the work -- I like to do it at home and get it over with fast. Some of the kids in class are too slow!

Why do kids get stressted over homework?

36% percent of kids get stressed about homework. if you want more info, go to it has alot of facts about kids having stress over homework and other things.

Why is it important to bring your homework to school?

It is likely that your teacher will either collect your homework or go over the answers in class. You need your homework in either case.

How many people have killed themselves over homework?


How tall is Isiah Thomas?

just barely over 6 foot

Is homework revision?

No, revision is when you go over something and improve it. You can, however, revise your homework papers to help you study for a test.