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They will have the information at the courthouse, or place where you go to pay your ticket.

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How many points is a speeding ticket 42/30 if I got the ticket in Indiana, and I live in Ohio?

I just got a speeding ticket for 35 in a 30 and it was $90

Pay the ticket. They probably have a website you can use to pay the fine.

If I am from Florida but got a speeding ticket in CA, can I go to Traffic School to remove the points from my insurance? I plan on paying the ticket.

huge fine. that's 30 miles over the posted speed limit. that's a felony and you can be arrested. you got off lucky if all you got was a speeding ticket.

Check the county courthouse where you got the ticket. They should have a copy of it or part of the original.

you'll get more than one point. i just got my first speeding ticket and that speeding ticket alone will be 1 point.

If you forgot to put your renewal sticker on your car and got a ticket, you must put the sticker on immediately. You also need to pay any fines noted on the ticket.

I just got a ticket yesterday going that same speednin missouri. your ticket will be 108.00

As long as the officer that issued the ticket can be identified, say by the ticket number, the signature is not going to get it thrown out.

If your 16 year old got a speeding ticket the parent's insurance be definitely be affected in Michigan. The insurance bill will increase in money owed.

I just got a $500 speeding ticket for going 87 on a 55. City of Dunwoody I-285.

I just got a ticket for going 20 over - $230

will I recieve points on my florida license for a ticket in south carolina

fast enough to get a speeding ticket, it 's a 140 Mph car. Just got a speeding ticket for 155 Mph, I really could not say I didn't know I was speeding.....hope that answers your question

I got a speeding ticket in Montreal over 10 years ago and didn't pay it - will I be able to return there without paying it?

On November 16, 2008 I got a speeding ticket that was $778.00. I was going 62 in a 35 on Freedom Parkway. Georgia has steep prices!!!

yes, everyone in a moving vehicle must wear seat belts or receive ticket.

i got a speeding ticket with 88mph in 65 mile zone in ny, does anyone know how much point will be assessed to my ga license?

My wife got a speeding ticket (49 in 35), but Conway PD (AR) will not state exact amount of fine until two weeks prior to court date... it takes that long to get your ticket into the system. They did say that speeding tickets are typically between $155.00 and $175.00.If you got a speeding ticket in Conway Arkansas (Faulkner County), you can call 1-501-450-6112 for more information about fine and payments.

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