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technically if your card has been canceled than the charge should have never been allowed from the credit card comany. If there is a charge after it was suppose to be closed than you may want to look into weather or not the credit card has really been canceled.

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Is there a company who will keep my Instagram account updated and managed?

Yes there is.

Past tense of manage?

The past tense is managed. For example:He managed a company.He has managed a company.He had managed a company before.

How much money does a account manager earn?

The average account manager makes around 55,000 dollars a year. This can go up or down depending on what type of accounts are managed and what company you work for.

How can derivatives be used and risk is reduced?

Your capital should be managed by a team of professionals. Managed forex account will be the best option.To know the benefits to You of Managed Account Investment, just visit

What is a managed forex account?

A managed forex account is one in which someone with financial expertise (a financial planner or manager) trades stocks for an individual so that they do not have to do it themselves. A fee is charged for this service.

Is fleetratescom a scam?

no they are just a poorly managed company

What is sweep account in banking?

A sweep account's funds are managed in a primary cash account and secondary investment accounts.

What are Managed IT Services?

Manged IT services are those services which provide services to managing information technology company. In managed IT service company provides companyโ€™s data anytime and anywhere in the World. Your company data is always protective and does not harm by any virus in your computer. There are many other services provided by managed IT service company like DNS hosting, Gsuite, Apps, vault, VPS, Microsoft office 365. I

What You Should Know About Forex Managed Accounts?

Many people who have chosen to become investors have also chosen to take advantage of one of the largest financial markets. Those who have a Forex managed account can use the account to take advantage of a forex trader who makes all of the trading decisions for new investors. This allows the new or average investor who does not have any experience to enjoy the benefits of the stock market. A Forex managed account can allow any new investor to know what it feels like to have the expertise of a professional trader.How It WorksA managed forex account almost works in the same way that a traditional mutual fund would work. A group of investors can give the saved investing money to a management company. This management company hires a professional trader and puts that trader in charge of the money. The job of the professional trader is to watch the market and make any available profitable trading decisions for the entire group. In some cases, each trader has a separate account set up for his or her money. This account is designed to take the exact same trades as the professional trader. In other cases, all of the money from each investor is combined to make one very large account.Benefits of a Forex Managed AccountThe benefits of a Forex managed account include the fact that investors can make money in this investment market without needing to learn how to trade in the forex market. This market is extremely complicated. The average new investor may not make the best and most profitable decision with the investment money. This managed account can allow traders to take advantage of the experience that a professional trader offers. In addition, the new investor does not need to sit at a computer all day in order to make money. He or she can make money any time that the professional trader is working on the account.The RisksAlthough a Forex managed account has a lot of benefits, one should be aware of the risks. For example, the success of a Forex managed account depends mostly on the ability of the professional trader.

Who manages a limited liability company?

A Limited Liability Company, also called an LLC, is usually managed by the person who owns it or one of the people who owns. LLCS can also be managed by a person who is not an owner but was appointed by the owner, owners or company that owns it.

How do you add a Gmail account to email?

You can add a Gmail account via creating one. The account can be created by deploying your details online. The details could be managed later on

What managed services company began by turning vending into a service?


What is managed VPS hosting and what are the Benefits of VPS hosting?

The other variation of VPS is managed virtual private servers, which is managed by the webhosting company and you can easily do everything like you do it in your basic web hosting account.Benefits are:>> Scalable with highest up-time>> Optimum performance with dedicated resources>> Select control panel of your choice>> Customized with enterprise-grade hardware support>> Quick turn around

What guitar company did Taylor Swift get her 1 year contract?

Taylor guitars and big machine company managed her

How do i create a facebook account and keep it private?

Anyone can open a facebook account and keep it private. Under the manage account options section is where one can managed privacy settings.

How much oil have bp managed to collect from Florida?

well they've spent over 2 million so far

What is a Managed Foreign Currency Trading Account?

Instead of you directly trading with a broker, you let someone else trade on your behalf. Also known as forex managed accounts

What are the benefits of having a Forex managed account?

One benefit of having a Forex managed account is that you do not have to have a lot of time and that it is no problem if you are busy, because there are people who look for your investments. This can save you a lot of time. Another benefit is that professionals take care of your accounts.

What is a self managed HOA?

An HOA that does not use a company to help them manage their neighborhood.

What particles account for most of an atom's mass?

Physics has not managed to discover a particle that accounts for mass

How many executions happened in elizabethan times?

To my knowledge no one has ever managed to account for them all.

What is the difference between Intra company and Inter company accounting?

An intracompany is a business managed by a manager acting as an entrepreneur. An intercompany is a company that has many different divisions.

What is commercial insurance company or managed care plan participating provider?

A commercial insurance company or a managed care plan participating provider is a provider that is in network of participating providers. These providers can be doctors, nurses, dentists, or other practitioners.

Can one email account be managed by more than one computer?

Yes - you can access an email account from any computer - provided you know the login & password.

How do you get to my account info on Gmail?

Nowadays (2014) your gmail account is managed through your Google+ profile. This also serves as your account info for YouTube, Orkut, Picasa, Chrome.