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You picked up a life brand pregnancy test but the box got thrown out and you need to know which lines tell you that your pregnant?


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There are 2 areas with lines on the test. The first one will change into a + (pregnant) or a - (not pregnant)and the second will appear to show that enough urine has been sampled.


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The price of pregnancy tests depend on the brand. Most run around $10 but they can be picked up for as little as $1 in some stores.

Each brand of test is different. Read the instructions on the box.

It is totally safe to drink milk powder of this reputed brand during pregnancy.

Home pregnancy tests are not always accurate. It is always best to see a doctor for accurate pregnancy results.

Read the instructions, every different brand has different meanings for results.

Please repeat the test of reputed brand by doctor. Or else Ultrasonography will confirm or otherwise about pregnancy.

The most reliable brand of pregnancy test that I know of is "Accu-test".

I would say "yes". My doctor once told me that although you can get false negatives (due to the pregnancy hormones being at a undetectable level) its pretty unlikely that you would get a false positive. Unless you tested from some urine in a container that had been previously used by a pregnant person (the traces of the pregnancy hormone are really strong) then the positive result can not be incorrect. Go see your doctor!! Chances are you are pregnant. Congratulations and Good Luck!!

The homophone for thrown is throne.The ball was thrown across the room.The kng sat in his brand new throne.

The only way to be sure is to see a physician, so that a proper pregnancy test can be done.

A woman that I know tested negative when she took a name brand test when she was over a month pregnant. It wasn't until she was 2 months pregnant that it showed up as a positive result. So, I would say, "yes" some people do test negative while they are pregnant.

Bodies arent'clockwork, and a period may be late for any number of reasons- stress and worry for instance. Then again pregnancy tests CAN fail occasionally. If you're still concerned, get another pregnancy test of another brand, if that too says you aren't pregnant it's probably right.

Instructions to the winndixie brand pregnancy test

The first test may not have had a large enough or strong enough sample. Since you did the separate brand, and it came back negative, you should not be pregnant. But, if you have had unprotected sex less than three weeks ago, a pregnancy may not be producting enough HCG hormone yet to give you a positive on a test.

The only comprehensive study done while smoking weed during pregnancy showed the baby to be normal. So no, weed is not bad.

Answer Yes you very well could be. The bold line is the control and the faint line is the line that detects the pregnancy hormone (hcg). You can take another test now or wait a few days and take it then. The faint line will only get bolder with time. Try a different brand and see if you get the same results. AnswerYou might be better off trying a digital pregnancy test. This just says 'pregnant' or 'not pregnant', so it is much easier to understand

Yes. The test result only depends on the two lines appearing. But it also may be a false positive, but not because of the lighter brand.

Take a home pregnancy test. You can find them at any drug store or grocery store. Wal-Mart has them for really cheap, and the Wal-Mart brand is really accurate!

Of course. There is always room for error. If you are very worried, go out and try one more of a different brand, as long as it is still reliable. If the second one says you are pregnant, then congratulations.

Depends on the brand of the item or who is doing the exam thingy.

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