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Q: You say i cant believe this or these?
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How do you say i can't believe you?

I cant believe it = No puedo creerlo.

How do you say cant believe you did that in Spanish?

Type your answer here... No voy a creer que hiciste eso!

How do you say cant believe him in spanish?

no se le puede creer

Is there a song by demi lovato that says i cant believe was so cruel to you?

No there isn't. Most of her songs that concern topics as such would say i cant believe you were so cruel to me.

Where is the proof god exsits?

turn around What does that mean? I cant believe noone has anything to say on this topic.

What if they say you are not pregnant and hcg is still rising?

I believe that is impossible you hcg levels cant rise unless your pregnant

What female sang a song in the 1990s with these lyrics i cant believe its over i cant believe we're through i cant believe its over i dont believe its true?

You may be referring to the song "Rise" by Gabrielle.

Why do people say snow can harm you?

I cant believe u dont know that u idiots :P lol jk

Can we say that God's call for human beings to be a community has been implanted in the human heard?

NO "we" cant ... there are people that don't believe in a god ...

Do vampires get perids?

We will never know because they dont exist but i have heard alot of books that say that they cant get pregnant which leads me to believe they dont.

If a girl say she cant go out with you because of her parents is she lying?

Probably not. And if you're the sort of person who doesn't believe her, then her parents may be right.

Why cant gays have the sme rights?

Some people just don't believe its right. Some say that its just not natural. But I say who cares because there is nothing wrong with them and they are just people.