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your pregnant

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Q: You take your pill everyday and you have missed two periods?
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If you take the pill two hours after you normally do does that count as a missed dose?

No this isn't a missed dose. A missed dose is when you do not take a pill for 24 hours.

What do you do if you have missed pill after pill break?

If you miss a pill after your 7 day break, the best thing to do is take the one you missed with the one you are due to take.

Can your obgyn tell if you don't take your birth control pill?

Your OBGYN can't tell whether or not you're taking your birth control pill. Frequent complaints of irregular bleeding and missed periods raise suspicion of missed pills.

What if you missed a lot of days of taking your birth control?

To have them work correctly you need to take them everyday. Since it seems you have missed many days you need to use some other form of protection because you are no longer protected. If you wish to take the pill you need to take them everyday and not miss any days.

What do you do if you forgot to take the pill for 2 days?

Take the missed pills

What if you only missed one birth control pill?

Most gynos will tell you to take the missed pill with your normal pill the next night, and that if you had unprotected sex the day you missed the pill, that you should consider a precautionary medication like Plan B.

Can you take the morning after pill during periods?


Would it be all right to take the pill if you missed two in a row and on your third day remember?

no it would not be alright if you forget just take one pill EX: your supposed to take one pill everyday but you forgot two days and you remembered the third day you souldn't take 3 pills the day you remembered just take one or what you normally take.

Hi i had intercourse on Wednesday night and i took my microlite pill that day however i missed my Thursday pill am i at risk of been pregnant also do i take my missed pill with my Friday pill?

no i dont think so

Should you restart your pill if you have missed a period?

Yes. You should continue taking your pill as scheduled, and take a pregnancy test if you missed any pills in the previous cycle.

Could it be possible not to get pregnant when 10 hours after the contact you use pills?

If you have taken the pills every day for a month your chances of getting pregnant are slim, but if you think that you can take one pill and not get pregnant this isn't true. You have to take the pill everyday without fail for them to work. One missed pill does not a baby make, but only one pill a baby there will be.

If I Missed my birth control pill one day took that missed pill the next morning but forgot to take again that night can you get pregnant?

No. It is only a problem if you forget to take your pill more than twice. Though if you have a problem remembering to take your pill you should think about taking another type of birth control.

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