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It is impossible to tell. Use a fresh stick each time and test the first urine in the morning at least 12 days after unprotected sex.

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Have had brown spotting for about 3 days now and today their was a little bit of red blood could you be pregnant?

Brown spotting is dried blood from your uterus, its normal. If you feel that you may be pregnant get tested.

Is it normal to have very light spot of blood after peeing at 8 months pregnant?

i am 8 months pregnant, went to my doctor, had my urine tested, i did have uti, but in some cases it's just but normal...have ur urine tested to make sure

Can you be pregnant after having two normal periods?

some women have their periods throughout the whole pregnancy. get tested!

Can you have a normal period and still be pregnant after IUI?

yes this is a proven fact. My mom had her period every month not knowing she was pregnant. she got tested and sure enough it was positive. she had a normal flow and no current signs of pregnancy.

You thought you were pregnant but you got your period are you?

It is normal for some females to still have a period during the first trimester of their pregnancy. If you think you may be pregnant get tested. It is as simple as peeing into a cup.

In what trimester is a pregnant lady tested for gestational diabetes?

A pregnant lady is tested for Gestational Diabetes in the third trimester.

Are pregnant women automatically tested for syphilis?

Many women who are pregnant aren't tested for syphilis, but they should be. It can be fatal for the baby.

You got tested by doctor its negative can you be pregnant?

Then it's unlikely you're pregnant

When do you know for sure you are pregnant?

when you go and get tested

What if you stressed and you dont know if your pregnant or not?

Get tested!!!!!

What if you tested twice on pregnancy test and both were faint positives am I pregnant?

yes, you are pregnant!

Can sametta kill a pregnancy?

No but you should avoid it if pregnant since it is not tested on pregnant women.

How many IUI will it take for a positive result?

No test is guaranteed to be 100% accurate, however, the normal cause of a negative pregnancy test is that the person being tested is not pregnant.

1983 Chevy inside lights and lighter tested ok with tester but did not light bulbs tested lighter sparked nothing works now any suggestions?

You have a bad fuse or a shorted wire going to the headliner light.

Is it safe to drink essense of life when 31 weeks pregnant?

Don't use those things when you are pregnant. They are usually not tested and if they are it's the company themselves who have done it. Just stick to normal healthy food and the vitamins the doctor recommend.

What is hormone is found when you are pregnant?

hCG is the hormone.It is tested for pregnancy

In season 8 of degrassi does Emma get pregnant?

no but in the earlier seasons she thought she was pregnant but she got tested and it was negative

I am around 20 weeks pregnant is it normal that when my mother felt my belly she said it was too soft and not big enough has anyone else gone through this because I've felt kicking and seen it?

No offense intended, but if your mother isn't a medical professional, she likely doesn't know what she's talking about. It sounds like you've been tested and confirmed pregnant, (and maybe had an ultrasound?), so why would your mother try to tell you that you aren't pregnant? If you haven't been tested and you believe you are pregnant, get tested, at the doctor's office, the home tests are pretty accurate, but not 100% like medical labs.

Why should pregnant women be tested for HIV?

Pregnant women should be tested for HIV so that she will know her status and, if infected, will be able to make decisions that will protect both her health and the health of her child.

Your stomach is bloated and it looks like you are pregnant but you just got off your period and it was normal could you still be pregnant?

sounds like the bloating may be caused by something else, but if you are unsure you should be tested, or take a pregnancy test just to be sure. goodluck

My partner and i are sterile please tell me i can't get pregnant?

If the doctor have tested you and found you sterile, that means you can't get pregnant.

What is the hormone of pregnancy is?

hCG is in pregnant mothers.It is tested to identify pregnancy.

Your boyfriend has ADHD and you are pregnant can the baby be born with it?

yeah. just get him tested

How do you know if your hormone are normal?

You would have to have it tested. Ask a doctor about it.

Is it safe to worm my pregnant horse?

Labeling on the various worming medications will say whether or not they are tested on and safe for pregnant mares.