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You can't really prove it, but you can have their test results disputed. If you have another independent test performed (you'd have to pay for it or get a lawyer to deal with it), and those test results dispute the others, you could then establish a legal challenge to their data.
Your best option is probably to get an independent analysis done, then if it disputes the other report, get a lawyer to sort it out. You should ALWAYS have a Lawyer when dealing with Comp issues or you will get screwed - period.

I am a physician who has previously contracted with One Call Medical. They never influence the results. One Call Medical makes the same amount of money no matter how the results turn out for you, they are a broker, they simply connect your employer's work comp carrier with doctors who perform EMG/NCS. However, there are other factors that could influence your results. One Call Medical pays less for their EMG/NCS than if the insurer contacted the testing physician directly. One Call Medical also typically does not pay for more elaborate testing and will pay the bare minimum number of tests. THose of us who are well trained in EMG/NCS often drop One Call Medical because they pay so poorly and will not pay for more elaborate EMG/NCS unless you write letters of need with long explanations. Sooooo, typically in the area I practice, the hungriest physicians, or the physicians that feel comfortable spending THE LEAST TIME performing the test are the ones that stick with One Call Medical. If you really want to know if your EMG/NCS was inaccurate, forget the test performed by One Call Medical and pay for your own test with a skilled and experienced examiner who is board certified to perform EMG/NCS testing specifically (there is a board certification for this test). Being board certified in neurology does not guarantee you are highly skilled at EMG/NCS. Also consider seeing a physiatrist, often these doctors conduct more detailed EMG/NCS.

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Q: You think one call-workers comp people paid emg ncv medical doctor to give an inaccurate test result How would you prove that Are there medical doctors that would actually release false test results?
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