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yes it is...... penicillin works

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Q: You took blood test it shows VDRL 1 2 dil is it curable?
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What is a UDRL blood test?

Most probably its VDRL test.

What is the use of shakers?

it is used in the lab for VDRL, Widal test, & such other tests .

What is the use of magnetic shaker?

it is used in the lab for VDRL, Widal test, & such other tests .

If your pregnant and you get a blood test exactly what does the blood test show to conclude your pregnant?

It shows a high amount of a certain hormone

Does Thyroid blood tests shows HIV in the test results?


Your alt blood test is 70 is that really bad?

An alt blood test is a test of your liver enzymes. An alt of 70 shows mild to moderate fatty liver, and is not bad.

What do A1C levels tell you about a diabetic person?

The A1C test is a blood test used to verify the blood sugar level. If the test shows that the blood sugar level is above 120, this determines that the person is diabetic.

How much 20mg clomipramine daily shows up in blood test?

does 10mg of clomipramine show up in a salver test??

What blood test shows the component parts of cholestero triglycerides and lipoprotiens?

Lipid profile

Does the invalid on the pregnant test indicates am. Not pregnant?

Not always sometimes it's early to take test an sometimes it shows negative on the test then u do blood test

Does a non-reactive HIV test result also mean free from HIV inflection?

No, the VDRL only tells you about syphilis. A test for HIV would need to be done separately.

What is blood titer?

blood titre is found by doing a blood test for immunity. the titre shows the level of immunity against something (i.e. Rubella)