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well this is mainly a question for you to figure out.if you want to look like a girl you need to make that change nobody else.but why a boy would want to look like a girl is beyond me.

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โˆ™ 2010-03-05 10:40:24
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Q: You want to look like a girl?
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What does Chris Brown want his girl to look like?


How do you you look like a girl musician?

I would start by seeing if you want to be a real musician. If you don't and just want to look like one, see which kind of musician you want to look like. If you want to look like a rock star, notice how they dress. You can view music videos of your favorite artist, or look through magazines.

You want to see virgine girl hymine how it look like?

If you are saying what does a girls vigina look like ask your girlfriend or look on the computer

Why didnt ralph want to tie his hair back?

he didnt want too look like a girl

Can a girl get a Justin bieber hair cut?

Only if you want to look like him!

How do you be a girl on mine craft?

Minecraft is supposed to be genderless. If you want to look like a girl, you can just make or download a girl's skin.

Do roc royal want a girl with long hair?

it depends how da girl look like so yerpz!

If the girl you like doesn't want to kiss you how do you get her too?

tell her things like you love, her look into her eyes

You want to tell a girl you like her?

yup i want to tell a girl that i like her

What does a girl want from a boy?

Sportiness, cuteness and they usually like people who look like one of their relatives or siblings.....

Does she like me this girl who always looks down whenever I look at her?

If a girl always looks down whenever you look at her, it could mean many things. She may like you, or she may not want to look at you, she might not like eye contact, as well as many other possibilities.

What do you do if im a boy and want to look like a girl?

I don't do anything. I don't even know you.

What does the girl in 'The Exorcist' look like?

I don't think you would want to know. Play the scary maze game if you really want to know what she looks like.

How do you cange into a girl in Minecraft?

Minecraft is genderless. Your character is not officially a girl nor a boy, so just change your skin if you want to look like a girl.

How do u know when a girl likes u?

there nice to you they want to hang around you but really it depends on the girl like a dramatic girl will do it in the moves look at you till you notice them then look away a tom boy girl will tezz you ect unless that girl is mean then tell her if you like her if your 16+ then you can even date her

How do you look like a girl?

You dont look like the new girl at truesdell named cierra.

What does American Girl Dolll Kanani Akina Look Like?

She does NOT look like a Hawaiian girl!

What if a girl look it you and you like her?

You are the twins of that girl who looks like you

How do you get a girl to want you?

You look good

What should you do if you like a guy and want to look like a girl?

Just the basic stuff...wear girl's clothes, feminine jewelry, makeup, style your hair in a feminine manner...

Are hair rollers only for women?

No boys can use them two only if you want to look like a girl.

Dos Justin Bieber like a girl?

No he does not look like a girl no boys look like girls cuz there a boy:)

How can you get a girl to go out with you even if she want even talk with you?

You can't in that case. Look for a girl that will like you back for who you are and you will be much happier.

How a boy can look like a girl?

By dressing like a girl is makeup.

How does aishwarya rai's baby girl look like?

In general girls look like their fathers and the boys like the mothers. I think that this baby looks more like Abishek that's why they do not want to show the picture.

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