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Q: You wear a size 15 in juniors what size is that in women?
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If you wear a size 14 in womans can you fit into a 15 juniors?

You may be able to fit into a 15 juniors. You might also want to consider a wide variety of trendy fashions in your true size - the size 14.

If you wear a size 14-16 in children what do you wear in juniors?

they don't make things that big for kids... that's why your sized in WOMENS ... ^^ if you don't know what your talking about then don't answer the question yes they do make plus sized juniors clothing its the style of clothing not necessarily for kids if your an 18 i would go a 20 maybe 22 Debs has a whole line of plus sized clothing

What size in womens would be equal to a size 13 in juniors?

Try a 10. I'm a 15 in Juniors, and I'm a size 12.

What size in misses jeans equals juniors size 15?

It would be a size 16 in Misses.

What size shirts does a 14 year old wear?

I am 13 girl ( almost 14 ) and can fit anywhere from 8-14 in girls and nothing over a size 4 in juniors but it depends on the brand. For example in Justice clothes I can fit a 10 in tops but clothes from Wal-Mart I wear a 14 in tops. But everyone has a different body shape but my opinion is that a average 14 year old girl should not be over a size 16 in girls or 6 in juniors

What size should a 15 year old girl wear?

whatever size is right for her body type. if the clothes make her look globby or muffin-toppy they are too small...

What junior size is equivalent to a girls size 16?

Junior sizes are odd numbers. Woman's are even numbers. So size 16 is a woman's size already. Many brands of juniors go past the traditional size 13. Which is great for younger who want to wear the current trends. So a woman's 16 is a juniors 17. 16/17 14/15 12/13 10/11 8/9 6/7 4/5 2/3

When was Argentinos Juniors created?

Argentinos Juniors was created on 1904-08-15.

What size womens pants are equal to mens 36 waist?

If you wear a 36 in mens you would wear a 15 in womens you subtract 21 from the mans size to get a women pants size

What is a size 15 in womens pants converted to in inches?

they are 24 inches in childrens wear and in Ireland there is no size 15 womans wear

What size shoe does Dwayne wade wear?

size 15

What size shoe does chris andersen wear?

Size 15 :)