You went to a store and spent half of your money plus 10 then went to a 2nd store where you spent half of the rest of your money and then 10 more but you had no money left how much money did you start?

You initialy had 60, then you go to the first shop and spend half of it plus which is 30+10=40, so have spent 40 so far. Then you go to the second shop and spend half of the money that you have got left plus 10, which 10+10=20. Now you have spent the whole, and nothing has been left. It can be solved via a simple equation. (1/2X+10)-(1/2(1/2X-10))=0
1/4x=-15 x=-60 It is minus because you do not have it anymore 60-(30+10)-(10+10)=0 My advice to you is that do not spend your money like that, because: Imagine you have 20, and you have now spent it. So you do not have it anymore (-20), and you have already spent 20(-20-20=-40). Now you will have to balance your budget, so you need 20 (-40-20=-60). In order to get 20, you will eventually need to pay 20 (-60-20=-80) for tax, bills, and etc. So every penny that you spend is equal to 4 pence debt. Think about it.