Chevy Camaro RS

Your 1989 rs wont start Will turn over but wont start?


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2008-08-20 00:45:17
2008-08-20 00:45:17

Try replacing your spak plugs. I had the same problem with my 85 Monte Carlo.


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I need more information. Does the starter turn over the engine? Do you hear a click when you try to start it?

I do not have a answer for it, do you an answer for this problem?

hmm how do you figure it wants to start, if it wont turn over? next try checking the coil

Does it turn over? Does it have spark? Does it have fuel? Does it turn over? Does it have spark? Does it have fuel?

if it does not turn over and no clicking noise but headlights on, check start fuse and relay if it doesnt turn over and clicks probable starter solenoid

Does it turn over? Does it have fuel, spark, and compression

Is it getting fuel? Does it have compression?

Does it turn over? Does it have fuel, spark, compression?

your ingine will make a sound and then wont start or turn over,

What is it doing? ddus it turn over but just wont start?

Does it turn over? Is it getting fuel? Is it getting spark?

Does it turn over? Does it have fuel, spark and compression?

There are several things that can cause an engine to turn over but not start. The most common cause is a lack of fuel.

why after replaced the head gasket car wont turn over??jetta 2000 2.2l

Check the timing in the caravan. It sounds like the timing has jumped, and the engine could backfire then not start, and could not even turn over.

I have an 1986 550L and the best way to get it started is to push start it.

if it wont turn over at all you need a starter

Call the person who repaired the car and tell them what is going on. But what you write above makes no sense. You say, "(wont turn over) (wants to start) by (wont stay running)" If it won't turn over, how does it want to start, and how can it be running in the first place? Did they replace the fuel filter. If not, they should have.

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