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Q: Your BCGL rank is 2179 can you get HBTI?
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If your uptu bcgl rank is 90 can you get admission in hbti kanpur?

by 27478 rank in uptu you can not get hbti but you can some of the good private college like BBD Lucknow

If your rank is girls rank 251 and bc rank 482 and gn rank 1205 and bcgl rank 90 will you can get hbti kanpur in computer science engg or information technology in second year?

don't know 8000

In UPTU you got gen rank-25152 and in bcgl you got 708 rank can i get HBTI kanpurpls answer me immediately?

Your question makes absolutely no sense to the English-speaking population. The fact that you added "answer me immediately" to the end of your pathetic excuse for a question makes me want to find you and slap you in the face. I hope you never find an answer.

900 gen rank in up to which college is best hbti or iet? the best..

Your rank in uptu is 48000 what coollege you can find according to your rank?

hbti kanpur

Will you get hbti-kanpur if your see-uptu 2009 rank is 17209 and girl rank is 2565?


Which college you will get at the rank of 3548 in uptu for MBA my BCGL rank is 172?

jst call on 9319608090 and solved all ur queries

You got 300 rank in uptu which college is best for you?


You got 1999 rank can you get hbti?

you can get OIL, PAINT technology!!

What rank is needed in upsee to get hbti kanpur this year?


What is the closing rank in hbti for sc catagery?

you can see in website

Can you get admission in hbti your uptu rank is 32567?

Jindgi me kabhi nhi hoga