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When the mother rejects a kitten is often because there is something wrong with the kitten. It's natures way. However, if you take the kitten to the vet it's very possible you could pull this kitten through whatever is wrong, but you will have to be available often during the day and night to feed the kitten and to be sure it has it's medications.

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Q: Your Kitten is 1 week old with a nose bleed and her mother has rejected her what does this mean and what can you do?
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What does it mean when your cat eats a kitten?

It sounds like domination or battle for the fittest. If the cat is not the kittens mother this is natural. If the kitten is not protected by its mother the kitten is at risk to being killed until it grows older to protect itself. Obviously, the genetics of the mother wasn't fit enough to stay with and protect its offspring. Psychologically, your cat may see the kitten as a threat to its own existence when it grows older. Or maybe your cat was just hungry XD Addendum to above answer: It could also be that the kitten was sickly and posed a threat to the rest of the kittens. Sometimes mother cats will eat a sickly kitten who has died in order to protect the rest of the kittens from dying of the same illness.

What does it mean to dream of a mother cat and a single kitten?

The mother cat represents yourself, while the single kitten represents something that is important to you. This might be an assignment or project, or an important relationship that you are committed to developing.

What does katje mean?

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What does chaton in french mean?

"Chaton" in French means kitten.

What does 'bleed like a stuck pig' mean?

It means 'to bleed profusely'.

What does mean when a kitten is still born?

"Stillborn" means the kitten has died prior to birth and is born dead.

What does it mean when a newborn kitten sucks on your finger?

the kitten is mistaking ur finger 4 a nipple or bottle

What can you do to help a newborn kitten from bleeding poop?

my new born kitten's butt is bleeding what does it mean? is it normal?

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Should i name my kitten amora Luna or poppy?

It depends... what does amora luna mean, and what does poppy mean. It should be the name that suits the kitten most.

What does ti mean when a kitten is not eating?

If a kitten is not eating, it is likely very, very sick, and sorry to say; but a very young kitten will often not survive this. Take the cat to the vet, and ask for both a parvovirus test (canine parvo virus test will also show panleukopenia, the feline parvo), as well as a basic check up/test for the kitten's lack of appetite. If it is to young, it will want a mother cat's milk, not cat food. Try using kitten formula if it is still below 6 weeks, or consult a veterinary about how to get the kitten to eat.