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Hello. Some women have naturally bumpy breasts and areolas without being pregnant. But if you think you're pregnant then this could also be a pregnancy symptom. Wheter you are pregnant or not, you are worried, so go to the doctor.

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Q: Your breast have little bumps and they are very sore?
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What do sore nipples with red bumps mean?

I am very sorry to tell you but you do have breast cancer.

Could you have a disease if your vaginal lips are cracking and have little bumps on them and your vagina is very sore?

For heaven's sake, this is obviously not normal, go to the doctor.

Is change in breast from sore to no longer sore common in early pregnancy or is it likely the sign of a misscarriage?

I had very sore breast, when I was pregnant, until 6 weeks when I found out I'd miscarried.

Are you breasts developing if you have two very small bumps underneath my sister says these are breast buds?

Your sister is correct. Whether you are a boy or a girl you will develope these "bumps" at the onset of puberty, but the hormonal differences between male and female will cause breasts to develope in the female only. In the case of the male, the bumps will disappear after a time (don't worry, the boys have their problems too!). The bumps might be very sensitive and sore to touch...this is normal.

What are the little bumps on my skin called?

it very well could be exima or goose bumps i am pritty sure

Never had sore breast as a result of map is this normal?

Yes breast tenderness (PAIN!) is a very common side effect of Plan B.

Could you be pregnant if you got your period but had breast soreness that went away yet you still have little bumps on your nipples?

It is very unlikely that you are pregnant. Many women have lumps on their nipples, they are sebaceous glands.

Period is 11 days late breast are very sore any ideas?

your pregnant..take a test

Are starfish spiky?

a little bit but not enough to hurt you, they have very very small raised spikes/bumps

What are the reasons for sore breasts?

There can be many reasons for sore of the reason can be change in hormone level(this is usually experienced during the start of your monthly periods), the change in harmone level can cause a little discomfort in breasts, taking of birth control pills can also cause sore breats, pregnancy, breast feeding can be some more reasons and ofcourse the very considerate reason could be breast cancer be cautious and visit doctor if u have sore breasts

What is a dime size red circle on a hand has little bumps and is very itchy?


How would you describe chickenpox?

there red little bumps and they are very itchy and contagious and nasty.

Your breasts and nipples are very sore are you pregnant?

In some cases that may be true....but you could be coming onto your period or getting off but when i started feeling my breast being sore i was pregnant

Why do your Muscles have bumps on them and sore?

you have bumps on ur muscles from over excersion they are sore from the lack of blood running through the veins you can remedy this problem by streaching the muscle that is sore. i have big probs wiht my fore arm it is very awkward to stretch that area but streaching does do more than any accupunture, massage, ect... tea tree oil is great to rub in at the beginning of the working day

What is the brown around the nipple called?

The areola is a small circular area on the body around the nipple. The little bumps are called Montgomery glands. These glands provides lubrication during breast-feeding. The areola is very sensitive to touch and temperature.

Does sore breasts mean your pregnant?

Sore breasts are a very bad indicator of whether you are pregnant or not. Most women do experience some tenderness in their breast when they are pregnant but this is usually after the first month.A home pregnancy test is the best way to find out if you are pregnant.If you are not pregnant but your breasts remain sore, you should go to the doctor as there might be something wrong inside your breast.

You just started taking birth control and your breast are very sore is this normal?

I just started taking birth control about 3 weeks ago and my breast are extremely sore. I usually get sore breast the week or so before my period but they have been sore now for over a month. I can't even run or jog. I have read other places that it is a normal side effect but not to last too long... so we'll see! Good luck all my tender breasted friends .. lol!!

You have been seeing a doctor about swollen left breast with pain No one can find anything wrong with your breast but recently your left arm is very sore and your breast is throbbing what could this b?

Not to scare you, but inflammatory breast disease? Seek a second opinion and don't stop till someone figures it out.

Picture bumps on tongue?

If you have bumps on your tongue it normally mean you have eaten something very sour or spicy hot. You also may have burned it somehow. Many people get these bumps. Sometimes they may get sore or bother you when you eat. But it shouldn't hurt too much. If these bumps don't go away within 3-6 days I would see your doctor. You are likely to be okay. Doctors Approval

Is the heaviness and sore of the breast is one of the breast cancer symptoms?

No, that sounds like your hormones and PMS. Do you also have a back ache, very emotional, cramps, food cravings? If so this is PMS. Get some Midol at the drugstore to help you.

Small but very sore lump under your armpit what does it mean should you be worried?

Under your armpit could be breast cancer. It is best you go see a doctor.

What could be wrong if you have red sore bumps in the middle of your tongue that look like a pimple?

Many sore bumps in the mouth can come from a number of infections. Hopfully oral herpes is not your case which comes from giving oral to someone infected with the disease. Other problems can be throat infections or even an allergic reaction to something you ate. A doctor or pharmacist can very well be able to prescribe something for you.

Is it normal to have bumps on your vagina after shaving down there?

Shaving bumps are very common.

Is their a lot of nudity in red dead redemption?

Very little, just a small half breast shot.

What are the most common ways a lump in a breast is described?

It is very easy to describe a lump in a breast. It's what it says, a lump in the breast. Swelling or a bump in a breast and feels very, very different from breast tissue.