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This depends upon the car; but, generally, any out-of-tune condition or vacuum leak can cause it. jb The very most likely cause is a clogged throttle body. A Chevy dealer will fix it for under $200. This is a very typical symptom of this problem. VBdenny A common cause is a corroded EGR valve. Often you can spray some lubricant on the rod the EGR valve rides on and that will correct the problem, if not permanently at least it could tell you if that's it.

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Q: Your car dies every time you let off the gas?
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Car dies when not pressing gas pedal?

what kind of car is it

Why won't your car start after you put gas in it?

We need a little more info here. Did the car run out of gas before you refilled it and ran into the "won't start" problem? OR, does this happen every time you put fuel in the car? I'd guess that sometimes, the car might start? Can you help us out with details, please?! FriPilot It happens every time i put gas in it.

My car dies when I'm driving - When I press the gas the car dies - The car also idols too hard - what could be the problem?

It could be the fuel pump.

How would you determine the mpg for a car?

Miles divided by gallons of gas put in your car. I reset my odometer every time I fill up my car. That way, next time you would fill up your car, you take the miles that are on it and divide it by how many gallons of gas it takes to fill your car up.

What is wrong if my car dies while driving?

Alot of things.. bad gas.. No gas.. Engine is dead.. etc.

Why would your 95 contour stall every time your foot is not on the gas?

My car has done the same thing and i found that old gas was the only problem

Car dies when trying to put into gear?

Push in the clutch and give it more gas.

What would cause a 1993 ford probe with a 5 speed transmission to start and immediately shut itself off?

If you give the car gas and it immediately dies but idles without giving the car gas, the VAF could be unplugged. If the car immediately dies without giving the car gas, it could have low fuel pressure, vaccum leaks, compression issues.

My 1990 Chrysler Lebaron Convertable will start howevr it will only run for a few seconds and then dies If you pump the gas pedal it will run but backfires I am leaning toward the timing belt?

lock the car with the fob or use the button on the door. Close the car and unlock the car with the key on the drivers door and it should work. You will have to do this every time you unhook the battery

Cadillac 97 sts idles high but not all the time?

I found that putting low grade gas in car mad it idle high. Does it every time

If the car dies likeits out of gas and its not the fuel pump what is it?

fuel injection control module i would say

Your car ran out of gas and now it will only stay started for 2 seconds then it dies What could be the possible problems?

Well, if your car ran out of gas, it is NOT going to run very good. Here's a hint..........PUT MORE GAS IN IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ford Tempo 1991 runs but dies in drive or reverse?

Yeah my 1991 Ford Tempo does the same thing it starts and idles no problem but if i stop at a gas station and leave it running and come back out to the car i put it in reverse or drive it dies every once in a while

85 Chevy Z28 will not keep a charge idles very rough and sometimes dies when given gas wondering if these are connected since they started at the some time Any ideas?

my 86 was doing the same thing, a buddy of mine told me that the fuel filter was probably plugged.he said that the rough idle was do to the car strugglen for gas and it would die because when u give it gas the gas is all stopping at the filter so the car dies. i changed the filter and my car regained all its lost power and purred like a kitten!

Is it necessary to brake every time you want to slow your car down?

No, for short increments, just let off the gas a little bit.

If you run out of gas will that hurt the car?

It is not the best because your stripping the car of every last bit of fuel.

Car will start if you put gas but just dies?

sounds like you need a fuel filter or fuel pump or both

What does every car need?

Every car needs innit thats what it needs. oh and to be precise it needs gas or fuel whatever u people call it

2000 ford escort zx2 - when you remove foot from gas car dies does not idel well runs good going remove foot from gas car dies Gas pumps thought lines without fuel filter Is it relay or pump?

All Ford's are famous for "throttle position sensor" failure and it's also the cheapest & easiest fix to your problem

Why does your car die after the car warms up the oil light comes on a flickers right before It usually dies when you let off the gas?

because you are really fag

My car starts but dies within a few seconds any ideas?

Check the battery, or the alternator, check for a missing fuss or maybe your spark plugs aren't catching, check the gas line, get more gas, check the transmission. If your car hasn't been running for a long time then let it run for a couple minutes.

Car dies like it's out of gas and it also makes a whining sound in the rear?

Could be your fuel filter or fuel pump.

Example of a filtering a solid from a gas?

The air filter on top of every car engine.

Why does a 95 Chevy astro van stalls and dies when let off gas?

it probley needs a new battery or a new gas pedal. Another reason is the car might be to old

Why will a car start and run for a few minutes then loses power to the engine like you stopped giving it gas dies and will not start again after about 10 minutes you can start the car again?

i can start the car, and it runs for a few meters, dies out like im giving it no gas. then it will not restart. after sitting about 10 minutes or so, it will start again and is drivable for a few more meters, then dies again to have the whole process rinse and repeat itself . it also makes a loud rattling noise like the valves are rattleing and then loses all horsepower then dies. once its started back up it sounds like the lifters are tapping, and just gets louder until the car dies again. it will not idle on its own.