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Your car will stop running in low speed?

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need more info but try adjusting the fast idle up a little

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Why blower motor will not stop running stop only when you turn off car?

hi an low switch is bad

Will your car stop running if your battery is low?

Will a Car Stop Running If the Battery is LowThe answer is yes and no. It depends on HOW low. The electrical computer(s) and ignition systems require a minimum voltage. What that voltage number is I don't know, and it probably varies with various models of vehicles and the amount of accessories on it.

What is the maximum current of the pole changing motor when running at low speed and high speed?

The maximum current of the pole changing motor when running at low speed and high speed depends on a few different things. The average when begin at low speed and using high speed is 1800 RPM points.

Why can car batteries run on low voltage?

Because the alternator will keep your car running as long as its running Type your answer here...

Why is your car jerking and running slow?

Your car battery could be running low so what you could do is get jumpleeds and get an other and jumpwire it

Why does your car lose power when pressing the gas?

Please list more symptoms, (for example: when accelerating from a stop/high speed/low speed, during a humid or raining day, what car and engine). Check if you are due for tune up

Why does your car overheat as you stop and go?

Some vehicles have higher RPM's (Rotations per minutes) causing them to run at higher temperatures at low speeds. In stop and go situations, you are using low gears at low speeds, causing the engine to work harder. These types of vehicles would be better for high speed commuting where stopping and going frequently is not a problem.

What will cause a car to quit while at a complete stop with the air conditioner running?

Excess load = the idle RPM falls to low and the engine shuts off.

What car has the lowest top speed?

Sedan is electric Low Speed Car for urban, recreational and light commercial markets.

How do you start after an emergency stop on a bike?

After an emergency stop on a bike, you need to start on a low note and low speed. You will keep accelerating as you gain momentum.

What cause your car to shake when driving at a low speed like the tires are gone come off and the only way to stop it is to hit on brakes then the shake stop?

That means person inside car is either too heavy or something like a toy is caught in engine

Why would the blower fan stop blowing air from the vents if the fan speed is not set on high on a 91 town car?

Low speed relay bad Blower fan resistor Defective winding in blower motor

Why is your car chugging after running low on fuel?

Plugged fuel filter or filters

What makes the compressor stop running?

low on freon or too high pressure or thermostat

What causes bucking during acceleration?

Bucking during acceleration can be caused by a low fuel level. When the car is running on fumes, it is not getting a constant supply of gas which will cause it to stop and go.

Why is my Sunfire running hot?

There are many reasons as to why a Sunfire may be running hot. Most likely the car is running low on coolant, or other fluids.

What can be the reason for low car speed even if engine speed is good enough?

If you mean your car has a big engine but your car isn't going as fast as you know the car can with that size of engine. If that's what your thinking of than your car probably has a chip wich is limmitin your speed.

How many voltage are there in thebus smoke lighter plugh?

should be 12.6V same as the rest of the car. it could be as little as 11V when the car is off and battery is running low and as high as 14V with the car running

Car jerks at very low speed?

Could be in need of a tune up.

Can you use an inverter and electric heater in your car?

Provided the heater is of a low wattage it should not affect normal running of the car

Can a low batterie stop the turbo from working?

Not if the engine is running. The turbo is powered by exhaust gasses.

Why 1985 Chevy c10 cuts out in drive at low speed?

hen u are driving in a low spped in a 1985 Chevy the engine trys to run at full power when u are driving at low speed the engine needs to stop to rest to stop u blowing th eengine

Why does your 89 Chevrolet idels in park but stalls when driven?

because it is not warmed up enough to stay running or you have the idle speed down too low and it not running at the right rpm to get the transmission up to speed

What was the worlds fastest production automobile in 1976?

The porsche turbo was the fastest production car in 1976 , running zero to sixty in the low 5 second range and a top speed over 160 mph

Why would your truck stall out when running and giving it a little more gas?

engine stalls at low speed

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