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well, I'm a beginner. I have had a male betta in a 5lt jar for 2 months and added an opaline/blue gourami to it, of almost the same size.

The same day, the gourami suddenly was super swift, swam around like a maniac, spurted out immense bubbles, dug into the betta's well-established nest. While doing this, it would fall towards the bottom upside down and then get back to life with a repeat action (of the above). We loved these stunts. All this while, the betta would stay to a corner on the surface. And then the gourami lay between the pebbles. After say about 5 minutes, I tried moving (I could only think that it was asleep) but it had passed out. And my betta was relatively more active after the other was removed.

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โˆ™ 2011-09-14 08:50:26
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Q: Your fish swims upside down and spins when swimming?
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