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Your scalp is going to continue to secrete oil at the same rate regardless of which shampoo you use; the remedy for oily hair is just to shampoo more often. All shampoos remove oil.

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Q: Your hair gets greasy really fast is there a shampoo for that?
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Is there a shampoo for greasy hair?

Plenty. First, think about using your normal shampoo several times - that generally gets the grease out. Otherwise, I've tried Tea Tree shampoo, and that stuff is pretty strong and will clean out just about anything.

Why is your hair greasy?

Some peoples hair gets greasy naturally from general dirt but also sebum, a substance produced by the body which is oily. Sweat may also make your hair greasy. To prevent this you should wash hair daily with a shampoo specially formulated for greasy hair. I would not recommend conditioning.

What happens if you dont wash?

It gets really greasy and starts to stick up at the roots.

What is the best Clarifying Shampoo?

i usually use Pantene's clarifying shampoo. i really like how it gets my hair super clean

What happens when you put antifreeze in the windshield reservoir?

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Why do you shampoo?

WHY DO YOU SHAMPOO Shampooing gets rid of build up of dirt and greasy, stops the hair smelling, and generally cleanses the hair. Though it is possible for shampoos to be specifically made to not just cleanse the hair, but to improve shine, boost volume, and much more.

What is dry shampoo?

Dry shampoo is basically for your hair when it gets greasy or dry. You can spray some in your hair when you're running late and miss the shower or your just plain gross, lolHope this helped..xo

If you have a greasy scalp is that good?

having greasy hair isn't ever really good, it means that it isn't clean, or that you maybe failed to rinse out conditioner from your hair after a shower. however, if your hair is greasy right after you take a shower and you really washed out your conditioner, it could be due to puberty, just like your face gets oily during puberty, so can your scalp.

What is a baby shampoo?

A baby shampoo is a variety of shampoo formulated to cause less irritation than normal shampoo if it gets in a person's eyes.

What is the better for your hair oil or conditioner?

Conditioner. It has more added nutrients and oil tends to make hair greasy. Conditioner has just the right amount of oil to make hair healthy, but when you condition make sure to focus on the ends and avoid the roots. And use a leave in conditioner after every wash.

How did the bacteria get into shampoo and skin lotion?

It gets old and then bacteria gets in.

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