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Your heater is getting warmer when you decelerate and colder when you accelerate?


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Check the coolant level.


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Start out by checking for a vacuum leak both inside and outside for the a/c and heater.........

I have a 2006 Altima and it is doing the same thing.

Yes, and it has a heater inside which increases temperature inside the dryer to accelerate drying.

your heater core is going out, you need to replace it before it ruptures.

A block heater is something that you need to have installed yourself, sometimes in areas of colder climate the dealer will offer it but generally its your responsibility.

A room doesnt get colder before putting on a heater or something. This may feel like it because your body will feel the warm of the heat, also it will feel the cold air. This will make you feel more colder.

The auxiliary heater in a?æVolkswagen Sharon tdi 1.9 is located under the LHS floor plan of the vehicle. Most Sharon's tend to have a problem with the auxiliary heater during the colder months.

You may have a slipping fan belt or, more likely, an oil leak into the heater core.

no as you use your hydraulics the fluid will warm up

Heat naturally moves to colder air. Place the heater on the floor and it will rise to the ceiling, as it is lighter than the cold air.

moisture in the air condensing on the colder glass another possiblity could be a leaky heater core.

If you are not getting heat out of the heater, there are only a few things that could be wrong. The first is low coolant. You can't get heat without coolant running through the heater. If it is low, sometimes it has to be bled of air bubbles. If both heater hose running to the heater are hot, you have circulation. If not the heater could be plugged or not getting the coolant to circulate. There is also a damper in the heater system to stop cold air from bypassing the heater and that needs to be checked.

If it is a LUXURY type vehicle- heaters are designed not to turn on until water temperature is warmed to the point of producing heat so they do not blow cold air into passenger compartment. The colder it is outside the longer it takes to warm the water to produce heat

Maintain the heater settings. Shutting the heater down will result in colder water temps that the heater has to overcome when it is turned on again and will cost you in the amount of BTU Therms you use. -- more expensive. I believe that it takes approx. one hr. to bring the temp up one degree. K

Check the heating elements in the water heater. These may be bad and need replaced.

check your thermostat or your heater core may be getting ready to go out

Possible causes are, low on coolant, thermostat stuck open, clogged heater core or vacuum scorce not getting to the heater control.

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