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Yes, even a little still means there's sperm in it that can fertilize your eggs.

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2010-06-27 20:00:25
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Q: Your partner ejaculated inside you a little can you be pregnant?
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If only a little bit sperm goes can the girl become pregnant?

It's PossibleYes, a girl can become pregnant if only a little sperm is ejaculated.

What are the chances of getting pregnant with a condom but he was still in when he ejaculated?

Condoms are a good source of contraception if you use them properly, and they do not tear/break. If the condom didn't tear/break then, even if they did ejaculate inside you, there is very little chance you would get pregnant.

Can ypu get pregnant and you are 13 and cherry not pop?

It's still possible, if your partner is inside you & sperm has entered. Little more difficult, but actually very possible.

Can you get pregnant when ovulating but your guy said he have not ejaculated?

Yes. A small amount of semen will usually leak prior to the main discharge w/o the guy feeling it, and you only need a little inside you to get pregnant. Pulling out and counting days are really, really unreliable methods if you want to avoid getting pregnant.

You ejaculated in your girl but a lot came out can she still be pregnant?

It only takes one little spermy to get the job done. Anytime you have unprotected sex she can end up pregnant.

When you ejaculated in your girlfriend when she stood up some of it leaked out could she still get pregnant?

Yes, there is very little needed to get pregnant, if it does happen, the excess will flow back out of the woman.

Can you get pregnant when on your period and a little bit of come goes inside?


Is it safe to swallow semen when you are pregnant?

yes, the stomach will kill the little sperms.Assuming it is with your STD free partner, it is safe.

What does it mean when your period is a week late then last for only 4 days stops then the next day when you urine theres a little bit of pink when you wipe and a guy ejaculated in you?

you could be pregnant

How does the sperm cells travel through the male reproductive system?

They don't need to travel, they're stored and stocked inside the scrotum and when the little guy's stimulated they're ejaculated out.

How far does sperm need to inside of Vagina before a women can get pregnant?

now that is a little inapropriat

What does your tummy look like when youre pregnant?

Big and round, like a little baby is inside.

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