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Your weight is 50 and your height is 158cm your age is 14 is it the ideal weight?


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Your ideal weight for 158cm is between 50-62kg.

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Ideal weight is worked out by height not age. Ideal weight is worked out by height not age.

To know the ideal weight you must tell your height and age. Cos ideal weight is determined by two main factors # height # age

More than age, what matters for ideal weight is your height.

ideal weight depends on height not on age.

Weight is calculated by height not age.

For an ideal BMI at your height, between 51.95 and 70.1kg.

For your age and height an ideal weight would be about 9 stone

Yes, that's in the ideal weight range for somebody that height and age.

To many factors to determine height genetics how built you are

Weight is worked out on height not age and marital status.

The ideal weight for a woman that height and age can be anywhere between 105-140 pounds. It can also vary - depending on your frame size, you can weigh more/less than that and still be considered an ideal weight!

There is no ideal weight for somebody your age. It depends on tons of factors (height, frame size, activity level, muscle mass, etc.), not just age. If you're concerned about your weight, talk to your doctor to see if you're in an ideal weight range.

The ideal weight of a woman who is 5'9 can vary according to age. However, the average weight for this height is around 150-170 lbs.

No it's ideal weight for your age but the lower side of the ideal weight nearer underweight. But you have to take your height into acount to

The "ideal" weight based on your height, age, and gender would be 112lbs. However this will change with age.

It depends on her age, height, race, and several other factors.

It depends All on your height and how big or small your parents are and your age and gender, so basically it depends on what weight makes you feel like you have an ideal body

Children the age 11-12 the ideal weight should be about 6-8 stone but it all depends on your height and bone structure .

The Ideal Weight Calculator computes the ideal body weight as well as a healthy body weight range based on height, gender, and age. People have pursued an ideal weight formula for centuries, and hundreds of formulas and tables have been created.

There is a large range of weight that is considered ideal for each height and age. This can vary depending on how much muscle a person has.

Important factors to consider when calculating body weight are gender, age, and height. Arranging to have a physical exam and talking to your doctor will be helpful in determining and ideal weight.

It depends on her height and body type.. There is no ideal weight for a specific age.

People who stay close to the ideal height/weight ratio have a better chance of remaining healthy into Old age. They don't get diabetic, they avoid heart disease, their knees and hips last longer.

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