Zip codes for america

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For all of the city and town zip-codes for all 50 US STATES visit:

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Q: Zip codes for america
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How many different zip codes are in America?

There are approximately 43000 zip codes. Number of ZIP codes periodically changes. For example, around 200 zip codes were added in the U.S. in 2006-2007.

What is the zip code of lagos?

Nigeria doesn't have ZIP codes - only North America does

What is America zip code?

There is no 1 zip code for all of America. There are thousands of zip codes, it just depends on where one lives - what region/town/city...

What is united state of America's zip code?

The United States of America has zip codes for each city in every state. The zip code for Washington, D.C. is 20004.

Is there any ZIP code for other countries except America?

yes there is even zip codes in india

Zip code in US of america?

The US is made up of multiple zip codes and not just one.

What is the ZIP Code of Riyadh Saudi Arabia?

Since Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, is not part of the United States of America, it does not have a ZIP Code®. ZIP Codes are postal codes specifically and exclusively for the USA. Other countries have their own systems of postal codes, but it is incorrect to call them ZIP Codes.11195

What is the zip code number for Ghana?

Ghana does not have ZIP Codes. ZIP Codes are postal codes only in the United States. Other countries have postal codes, but they do not have ZIP Codes.

Can you get international zip codes?

Zip Codes are only used in the United States. There are no international zip codes.

What are used in zip codes?

Numbers are used in zip codes.

What are the zip codes of states in the US?

States do not have zip codes. Locations have zip codes. There are multible zip codes in each state and in a large city. Want to know a zip code go to:

What is the zip code of massachusetts?

As a system of postal codes that the United States Postal Service has used since 1963, zip codes are usually assigned to different cities throughout America. As such, the state of Massachusetts does not have any one zip code, but rather specific areas within it have unique zip codes.

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