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what is the current scrap copper price in the US

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Q: Current scrap copper price in US?
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What is the price per pound of scrap copper in Charlotte North Carolina?

· Good question this is what the current copper scrap dealers need. Thanks for this question.Here I will posted the approximate price for copper scrap# 2 Copper Wire 2.740.02$US / Lb1 Month OldThis is right? Or wrong? Aluminium scrap

What is the price of NO. 2 copper for recycling?

Current scrap metal price is below on Feb 26. 2010 ( fas main port of US , min 40000 lb ) bare bright wire : $ 3.19 lb #1 copper scrap : $ 3.06 lb #2 copper scrap : $ 2.97 lb

What is the price of copper scrap?

the pice cn be up 2 300-500 dollars even lower

Where you can get scrap copper in US?

wherever you feel like it

How much is one gram of copper?

0.002? I think, but one pound is worth $0.77... prices change on a daily basis.. As of April 2008, the price per pound of copper, depending on grade of copper, is between $3 - $3.50 May 2010: approx. 9 US cents, but depending on quality. See also the link below.

What is the price for copper in oz?

It varies daily, so it's kind of pointless for us to post a single value as if it could never change. You should easily be able to find the current value online by searching for "copper spot price". It should also be listed in the financial section of any good newspaper.

Price of an ounce of copper?

Current LME prices (London Metal Exchange) as of January 2011 ar around 4.3-4.4 USD per pound. That works out to be around 27 US cents per oz. Current UK scrap prices are around £4000-5000 per tonne. With an exchange of 1.6 USD to the UK pound, that works out to be around 6400 - 8000 USD per tonne scrap price. Around 18 - 23 US cents per oz.

Is silver cheaper than copper?

No. At the moment the price of copper is US$7,230 per metric tonne. The price of silver is about US$28.10 per Troy ounce, which is US$899,000 per metric tonne. Silver is about 124 times the price of copper.

Cost of copper per gram?

About a third of a cent US, since a pre-1982 penny has a mass of slightly over 3 grams and is about 95% copper (the remainder is zinc). Many of these pennies are still in circulation.

How much is copper worth scrap?

Dry Bright Wire £4200 Heavy Copper £3900 No 2 Copper Wire £3700 Braziery copper £3400 Brass & Copper Radiators £2200 Insulated Copper Cable £1400 All prices are mid values and are correct as of 8th Oct 2012, Prices are UK prices only, Prices may vary from place to place and scrap yard to scrap yard.

Why does the us penny use less copper?

The copper in an older cent (before 1983) is worth almost two cents as scrap metal. Cents are now made of zinc with a very thin copper coating.

Is the copper scrap value worth more than face value of a pre 1982 us penny?

Yes. As of January 14, 2010, with copper at $3.3764/lb and zinc at $1.1251/lb, a pre-1982 penny (95% copper and 5% zinc) has a "melt" value of 2.23774 cents. See the website for current "melt" values.