Gibraltar, Gibraltar

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Gibraltar is a fascinating land of mixed cultures. Here you’ll find remnants from England of the 1960’s, mixed with culture from the Spanish, Genoese, and North African. All of these elements combined are what have made Gibraltar the prosperous city that it is today.

The main attraction in this marvelous city is the famous Rock of Gibraltar, an enormous limestone mass that has risen as high as 426 meters above sea level. Visitors marvel at the jagged cliffs of its northern and eastern sides. To the ancient Greeks and Romans the rock signified one of the two Pillars of Hercules. The other pillar stands in Morocco. These two pillars were said to guard the edges of the ancient world.

Throughout history, Gibraltar has been a favored location for military strategists. This has fueled the multi-cultural evolution of the city. Today, visitors enjoy exploring this quirky town, exploring the natural world, and marveling at the military presence of past and present.

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Q: Gibraltar, Gibraltar
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The capital of Gibraltar is also Gibraltar

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The Strait of Gibraltar

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Rock Gibraltar

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Gibraltarian is the demonym of Gibraltar.

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strait of Gibraltar

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Gibraltar's motto is 'Conquerable by no enemy.'.

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The Rock of Gibraltar.

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The legislature of the British overseas territory of Gibraltar is the Gibraltar Parliament, which consists of 17 members.