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how much is silver per ounce today 8/11/11

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Q: How much is silver per once today 8/11/11?
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What is silver worth per once today?

How much for once of silver

How much is an once of silver?

$12.51 as of today (02/02/09) per ounce

How much is one once of silver worth?

As of 4/23/08 one once of silver is worth roughly $17

How much is silver per ounce?

how much is silver selling for per ounce price per sterling ounce of silver silver per troy ounce how much is silver per ounce anyique Rogers silverware , How Much “how much is silver per ounce What is the per ounce price of silver? Curent price of silver 4 oz of 99.9 percent of silver worth how much is sivler per ounce 1 Troy Ounce of Silver, 99.9% pure silver HOW MUCH IS SILVER PER GRAM? How much is sterling silver an ounce? current price of silver per ounce price of silver how much is silver per once? how much is silver per ounce currant price of silver What is the value of a silver coin containing one ounce of silver i have 10 grams how much is that worth today how much is silver per ounce? What is value of aMorgan dollar? what is the price of silver by the ounce how much is sterling silver going for now? I have a sterling silver chain and pendant that weighs about .5 oz. What is its approximate

What a silver prices per once today?

Around 2009, economic conditions have caused silver prices to jump from around $4 an ounce to the current price of over $17 an ounce.

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How much is one troy once of 999 fine silver worth?

The spot price for silver is $17.90 on 4/7/2010. If you are referring to troy weight, a a troy ounce is about 10% heavier than a standard ounce with the number .999 referring to the purity of the metal, about 99.9% pure. Update: The price of silver as of 21 June 2012 is $26.88/ounce.