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Q: Is Keith harking going to leave Celtic thunder?
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Is Keith harkin of Celtic thunder going to appear in the fall 2012 tour?

As far as I know, NOO! He is not planning to leave Celtic Thunder at all and enjoys it.

Who are the members of Celtic Thunder?

The members of Celtic Thunder are; George Donaldson, Ryan Kelly, Keith Harkin, Neil Byrne, Emmet Cahill, Damian McGinty, and Paul Byrom. Paul Byrom has decided to pursue his own career, but he will still join Celtic Thunder occasionally for special events, or shows.

Is Celtic Thunder coming to the St Patrick's Day parade?

Yes, Celtic Thunder is going to be at the St Patrick's Day parade in NYC. It is listed on the Official Celtic Thunder web site. They will be touring the northeast US and Canada throughout March and April, too.

Is damian mcguinty from Celtic thunder ever going to split up from the group and go solo?

With his recent win (along with Samuel Larson), Damian is now a member of the Glee cast, at least for seven episodes. For now, he is not touring with Celtic Thunder.

Is there any video of Celtic thunder performing at Saint Louis and or are they going to make a new concert on DVD?

Sharon Browne (producer/manager) said there will be a new CD and concert DVD sometime in 2010.

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Who is Going to win the spl this year Rangers or Celtic?

It's reallyy tough, but, as I like Celtic better than Rangers, I'm gonna have to go with Celtic. ( I said this cos' the Celitc won 3 of their last 4 meetings when Rangers and Celtic have played)

Is Celtic park going to be in FIFA 13?

according to Electronic Arts They never listen to what the Celtic and Rangers fans want,but at the moment nothing is confirmed, Celtic Park could be be in FIFA 13 but the chances are still looming.

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I think the Thunder are going to win it.

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