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form_title=LLC Liability Insurance form_header=Even as a limited liability company, it's important to have protection from personal liability. Have an insurance professional create a personalized quote based on your business risks. Type of Insurance Needed:= [] General Liability Insurance [] Property Liability Insurance [] Professional Liability Insurance [] Directors and Officers Liability Insurance [] Product Liability Insurance [] Other [] Not Sure Years In Business:=_ How many total people work in your business (including yourself, owners, officers, employees, contractors, etc)?=_

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Q: LLC Liability Insurance
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Is a llc business insurance?

No,, LLC is a Limited Liability Company. It's a type of a incorporation.

What does llc stand for?

LLC = Limited Liability Company It is sometimes mistakenly referred to as a Limited Liability Corporation. However, an LLC can file taxes as either a Discarded Entity, a Corporation or a Partnership.

What is meant by LLC?

LLC: Limited Liability Company It is a type of company in which the owners bear only a limited liability.

Is exxonMobil a limited liability corporation?

Not exactly, ExxonMobile is a Limited Liability Company (LLC). An LLC is a company not a corporation.

Where can an LLC in NJ that specializes in student exchange programs buy liability insurance?

I am a student exchange business in Los Angeles and I am having difficulty finding general liability insurance. Did you find an insurance broker that wasn't afraid of insuring Host Families?

Full form of llc?

The fullform of LLC isLimited Liability Company

Can an llc escape a lawsuit by selling the llc?

No. See related question link that explains the liability of an LLC.

What type of business has limited liability?

An LLC (Limited Liability Corporation).

What does the LLC stand for in Indiana LLC?

The LLC in Indiana LLC stands for "Limited Liability Company". LLC companies blend corporate structure with partnership qualities.

How do you write out limited liability company in a title?

The limited liability company should be written in a title as LLC. The owners of an LLC are called â??members.â?? An LLC may have one or more members.

What does LLC denote?

Limited Liability Company

What does LLC mean?

Limited Liability Company.