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Updated: 11/14/2022
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Select a gift-giving theme to save time and gas with one-stop shopping. The listed suggestions are a few ideas for gift-giving themes for everyone on your holiday and birthday gift list. Book Worm

Good reads. Make a list of gift recipients and their interests. Read reviews on new books and monitor the bestseller's lists. Keep notes of books to buy and watch for sales. When your book-themed gift list is complete, compare online prices to those of local retailers for the best deals. Call local bookstores to check availability of books or to pre-order new releases and out-of-stock books. Buy all the books in one shopping trip or online to save on individual shipping and handling costs. Foodies

From fruit baskets to wine there’s something for everyone on a food-themed gift list. Buy celebrity cookbooks or enclose a gift subscription with current issues of popular food magazines. Shop a gourmet grocery store for exotic spices and international food items. For the cooks on your list, the latest innovations in kitchen gadgets are good gifts. Musicology

Sweet sounds. Buy everyone on your gift list a music-themed present. Music CDs, DVDs of in-concert performances, and prepaid music download cards are all available online. Musical instrument shops sell accessories for musicians, lessons, sheet music, and music inspired novelty items. 8 MM

Films and many popular television programs are available on DVD. Availabl online and in retail stores, buy recipients favorite childhood films, television series, workout videos, or instructional videos of cooking, dancing, and other popular hobbies. Older or rare films are often available on auction websites like eBay. Also in this theme category is movie posters, movie soundtracks, film books, actor biographies, and cinema tickets.

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Q: Theme Gifts
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Archies' was the first company as far as valentine based theme gifts and cards are concerned

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