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10k Gold is a good material for someone who works outside, since 10k is more durable than 14 or 24k. A herringbone necklace would be the strongest style.


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"The Necklace" being a short story about the woman who works for years to pay off her friend's lost necklace that turned out to be fake. not really a good thesis statemnet

Dean Winchester's necklace, a christmas present from his brother, was meant for his father to 'protect him'. We later find out that it's believed to be a tool to find God. Although, since he was never found, its unknown if the necklace actually works.

outside of the factory where it is produced.

I would describe her husband as a loyal man to Mathilde even though he does not quite understand her wants. He is hard working as well, for he works off the debt for the necklace, all for Mathilde.

When Mathilde finds out that she has lost the diamond necklace of Madame Forestier, she is in a depression. Mathilde and Monsieur Loisel then have to work for 10 years to come up with the 36,000 francs to buy a new necklace. She works as a maid to save the money and her husband does work two jobs..

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"The Necklace", a short story written by Guy de Maupassant, tells the stor about a middle-class woman, Madame Mathilde Loisel, who aspires to become a part of a higher social class. She is married to a low-paid clerk who works hard to make her happy, however, despite his efforts, she is still constantly unhappy and discontented. The necklace featured in the title is her friend's diamond necklace, which she borrowed so that she has something to use for a particular party. Madame Mathilde lost the borrowed necklace during the party, and, instead of admitting to her friend what has transpired, she sought to replace the piece with a similar necklace that costed her 36,000 francs. This purchase caused her extreme poverty. After 10 years, however, she saw Madame Forrestier, the person who owned the necklace that she borrowed. She explained what has happened in the past and how she lived terribly after she has replaced the lost one, only to find out that the piece that she borrowed was an imitation that costed only 500 francs. The necklace could be considered the symbolism of her extreme desire to "fit in" with the higher ranks of the society, as well as the cause of her misfortunes and eventual poverty.

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The characterization of Madame Loisel works to develop the themes of pride and entitlement. She thinks her beauty means she should be entitled to wealth.

Contemporary literary works are works that are written in the present time. Works of literature that have been written outside of any established movement are generally considered to be contemporary.

It is about woman who was seeking riches by marriage. Instead she married a man without riches and spent her time complaining that she could not be spoiled. Then she is invited to high class party where she complains again about having no jewelry to wear. So she borrows a very expensive necklace from a rich friend. While at the party showing the necklace off she loses it but does not have the courage to tell her friend. Instead she goes and buys a new one with the money that her husband got from loan sharks. For the years to come she works hard to pay off the necklace. After she had paid the necklace completely off many years later she comes back to her friend to tell her only to find out that the necklace she borrowed was a fake worth only five hundred franks.

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