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Recycling cardboard is $0.25 per square inch.

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Q: What is the going rate for recycling cardboard?
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Can I bring any kind of paper to a cardboard recycling center?

Only cardboard can be brought to a cardboard recycling center

How many trees saved by recycling cardboard?

By recycling one small adverage cardboard box saves 5 trees

Can you get cash for cardboard recycling?


Advantages of recycling cardboard?

There are plenty of advantages to recycling cardboard including the cutting down of less trees. Recycling also means that there is less burning or dumping waste.

What kind of paper products can I bring to cardboard recycling centers?

Cardboard and paper are the two major options here, but some cardboard recycling centers may allow more.

Who in phx,az pays you for recycling cardboard ?

anybody in tucson buy cardboard ?? I will buy your baled cardboard.

recycling center for cardboard boxes...paid?

The nearby City of Berkley has a recycling facility for cardboard at 1201 2nd Street. (510) 981-7270

Can you make money recycling cardboard?

collect from factories or buildings and take to recycling plants

Is cardboard recyclable?

Yes, you can treat it as paper when you are recycling it.

Where could one find information on proper cardboard recycling?

The first place where one could find information on proper cardboard recycling would be with their local village offices. Another place to find this useful information would be a local cardboard recycling business.

What natural resources are saved by recycling cardboard?


How does recycling cardboard help the environment?

we can make a gift from the cardboard instead of buying it .it will save money.

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