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what is the tax on lottery winnings

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Q: What is the tax on lottery winnings?
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Related questions

What is the tax on 750.00 lottery winnings?

In the UK there is no tax on lottery winnings, if you win £750.00 you get to spend all of it.

How is tax calculated on lottery winnings?

In the UK there is no tax to pay on lottery winnings, although the govenment do take tax before the prize fund before any winnings are paid.

What states tax lottery winnings?

All of them.

How much taxes do you have to pay on your ca lottery winnings?

California does not tax have a state income tax on lottery winnings. The federal withholding rate amount is 25 % to be withheld from the winnings amount.

How are lottery winnings taxed?

they tax the sh*t out of it!

Do you get a tax refund on lottery winnings?

If you can prove losses equal or close to winnings then yes.

At what age do they not take tax's from lottery winnings?

Age would not have any affect on the requirement that taxes be withheld from your lottery winnings as long as you are still living.

What is the percent taxed on lottery winnings in pa?

There are no state or local taxes on lottery winnings in Pennsylvania. There is however a federal tax of 25 percent of the winnings for any prizes that are over $5,000.

Do you pay taxes in Washington State on lottery winnings?

Washington State does not have a personal income tax, so you will not pay any state income tax. You will still pay Federal income tax on lottery winnings, though.

How much tax do they take from lottery winnings?

Backup withholding is 28 percent.

Are lottery winnings taxed for seniors?

Yes. The tax man will never leave you alone!

What is Kansas lottery tax?

Tax is withheld on all winnings in the Kansas lottery over 5,000 dollars. If less than that is won, the amount won should be claimed on tax forms.

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