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There are several informative websites on the type of training it takes to become en emr. training

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Q: What training does it take to become an emr?
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What task will I be required to do in emr training?

With EMR training you will be inputting medical records into a database. Some knowledge of medical terminology might be required for this job, but this is all part of the training.

Where can I inquire anything about EMR training these days?

Emrupdate ( is a very updated website that can provide you all the necessary information about EMR training and have your questions answered.

What are the four main goals of EMR training?

Documentation, training, providing help and knowledge.

How much can you earn with emr training?

This will vary by location and what your job description is. Depending on your job, emr training will not benifit you financially. It is a good skill to have though and looks great on resumes. You want to research your specific job descritpion and/or talk to your boss about bonuses offered when training is completed.

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That training will help. you should take math and accounting classes as well.

What does EMR training consist of?

Electronic medical record (EMR) training usually is conducted over several weeks and consists of a series of modules instructing medical personnel on how to create electronic patient charts, how to prescribe medication using digital software, and how to scan hard copy medical records into a patients digital file. Training also includes instruction on using technology to manage laboratory results and transcriptions.

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