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The Ford F150 was produced from the years 1948 to present. The rust is bad on the undercarriage of a Ford F150 if the rust can be seen falling off of the vehicle.

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Q: When is rust bad on the undercarriage of a ford f 150?
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How bad is rust on the undercarriage of a ford f 150?

The 1999 Ford F150 has horrible rust on the undercarriage. The F150 has major rust issues underneath on the drive train, differential, cross-members, muffler, chassis, the parts that attach to each of the four wheels, and this is brought brand new.

1998 ford f-150 v6 4.2 liter battery will not charge?

The batter is bad or alternater is bad

There is rust color in your overflow engine coolant container of your ford windstar what could this be?

Transmission fluid, if you have a bad radiator.

Is rust bad?

yes its bad

How is rust bad for the skin?

Rust do not attack the skin.

No spark on 1999 Ford F-150 what can it be?

Bad Coil, Bad ECM. Broken timing chain. And the list could go on & on & on..........

Can you use a 1994 E- 150 universal van gas tank and pump on a 1994 E-150 traveler?

I have a ford E150 ford Traveler,and my pump went bad, my bro in law has a 1994 E-150 ford universal van and he said that I can have it for parts will the tank fit on my fordvan?

How much horsepower does a Ford F-150 5.8 have?

250 stock horse power that is bad for a v8

On a 2000 Ford F-150 what would cause the number one cylinder to misfire?

Bad plug Bad coil Bad plug wire Bad valve Blown piston

Is eating rust bad for you?

Rust is not toxic but also is not a food; do no eat.

Why is oxidation bad?

oxidation is rust and rust weakens iron, iron is supposed to be strong, and therefore oxidation is bad.

Is rust bad for the environment?

Rust is dangerous but not specially for the environment; rust destroy iron and iron alloys structures.

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