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where can i appy for a landline phone in johnson city tn

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2011-09-08 03:24:04
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Q: Where can i apply for a landline phone?
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apply for free landline?

apply for free landline in ga

Does a landline phone need a phone jack to work?

Yes. otherwise it would not be a landline phone.

Landline Phone Service?

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I am looking for a home phone landline are there any available?

I am looking for landline phone are there any available? how do I sign up for a landline service with the government?

Why should I have a landline phone service is I have a cell phone?

A landline phone could be used for when your cell phone signal goes out and for emergencies in the household.

What is a landline number?

a home phone is a landline so a landilne number would be a home phone number

Where can I compare affordable landline phone services?

Verizon offers great deals on landline phone service.

Where can I go to find affordable landline phone service?

Verizon offers great deals on landline phone service.

Landline Phone Installation?

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How do you mute a landline phone?


What is an affordable landline phone service in Duluth, MN?

Verizon offers great deals on landline phone service in your area.

How do you retreive your voice messages from a metro pcs phone using landline?

Call your cell phone from the landline. When it diverts to voicemail, press the # key on your landline and follow the simple instructions

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I am looking for a home phone landline are there any available?

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