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A healthy weight calculator takes your height and weight (in a number called a BMI or Body Mass Index) and determines whether your weight is healthy relative to your height. It is free and you can find it on weight/assessing/BMI/index.html.

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Q: Where to get healthy weight calculator?
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Where can I find a healthy weight calculator?

There are several websites that will give you the information on healthy weight calculator. Weight Watchers is one such site.

Is healthy weight calculator accurate?

The healthy weight calculator is accurate. It calculates your BMI (body mass index) your ideal weight based on your height. It is used for both females and males.


Yes, an online healthy weight calculator can calculate your BMI. By inputting your gender, height, and weight, it will calculate the information for you, as well as tell you what range your BMI and weight should be within.

Find your Ideal Weight With a Healthy Weight Calculator?

There are several resources available online that can help you locate a healthy weight calculator. With this calculator, you can enter your height, gender, and weight, and be able to calculate your BMI, or Body Mass Index. Your BMI is a great indicator of your health. Those with a healthy body weight will have a body mass index of 18.5-25. Below that is considered to be unhealthy, and above 25 is overweight. Another great healthy weight calculator finds your body fat percentage, and is more accurate than a BMI calculator for athletes or very active and muscular men and women.

Where can one find a healthy weight calculator?

The official website of the CDC has a BMI (body mass index) calculator for adults. WebMD has a one that parents can use for determining the healthy weight of their children.

How much should a 5ft11 woman weigh?

You can use a BMI calculator to calculate your healthy weight range. Just enter the details including your height and weight and the calculator will tell you your BMI and it should show a graph determining whether you are underweight, a healthy weight, overweight or obese. All you have to do is google 'BMI calculator' and get started.

How do you calculate what is considered a healthy weight range?

Whether or not your weight is healthy is relative to your size. As such finding a Body Mass Index calculator can help you calculate your Body Mass Index and if it's healthy.

Where could I get a healthy weight chart?

You can get a healthy weight chart by using a body mass index calculator, which is one of the most widely accepted methods of calculating healthy weight. One of them can be found here:

Are there any websites that could help me with healthy weight calculators?

There are many websites that offer healthy weight calculators. One such place can be found here:

Average weight of a 18 year old girl?

It really depends how tall you are and your frame size. Here's a weight calculator:

What is a healthy weight for a nineteen year old girl?

Find a BMI calculator on google and put in your health and weight, and if the number is between 18.5 and 27, it's usually healthy.

Is there a free healthy weight calculator available for weight control?

There are plenty of free health related calculators online for weight control. The simplest and most widely used is the Body mass index calculator. All you have to input is your age, weight, and height.

Is there a 'heatlthy weight calculator' I could use online?

Yes there are several sites like Weight Watchers you could use that have healthy weight calculators on them.

Is there information on the internet that I can review regarding the healthy weight calculator?

yes just ask your doctor about healthy weight for my body type. or try it by doing it yourself and you will get basically the same results about your weight and your body type.

Is this weight calculator simple to use?

The Ideal Weight Calculator computes the ideal body weight as well as a healthy body weight range based on height, gender, and age. People have pursued an ideal weight formula for centuries, and hundreds of formulas and tables have been created.

How much weight is healthy to lose?

Depends on what you weigh. Do a net search for a BMI calculator and see what your guidelines are.

Where can one find a healthy weight chart containing BMI?

On the site of better health you can find a healthy weight chart containing your body's BMI. Though this is not the only healthy weight chart containing BMI, there are loads of other companies and sites that offer a reliable BMI calculator.

Understanding How to Use a Healthy Weight Calculator?

Of all the things you can control about your body, your weight is one of the most important factors that dictates how healthy you are. Excessive weight can lead to problems with your cardiovascular system, your joints, decreased levels of energy and more.What Benefits Does a Healthy Weight Bring?There are a number of things that a healthy weight does produce. Lower blood sugar ranges, lower blood pressure and a general better feeling about yourself all all benefits that a lower body mass can bring.The long term benefits of being at a healthy weight include living longer, reducing your risk of diabetes and heart disease, and a reduced amount of stress on your joints. That means not only will your body last longer, but you'll also live longer.How Does A Healthy Weight Calculator Work?There are several different types of healthy weight calculators available. The most reliable way to check and see if you're at a healthy weight is by using a BMI (Body Mass Index) calculator.The way this calculator works is by taking your height to weight ratio and then comparing it to the ideal weight that a man or woman your age should be. This allows you to see how much, if at all, dieting you should undertake or if you need to begin eating more to approach a healthy weight.Achieving a Healthy WeightIf you do find out that after using a healthy weight calculator that you need to alter your weight, then it's recommended that you do so slowly. Weight should be added or removed at a very slow and careful pace with a diet that includes making several changes in your life, such as what and how you eat your meals.Health professionals recommend gaining or losing no more than 0.5 to 1.5 pounds of weight a week.Is Healthy Weight Everything?Your body's weight is not the only factor that you should go by in order to see if you're healthy or not. Even if you are at a healthy weight, you should make sure that you have healthy eating habits, exercise regularly and attend your regular medical checkups.

Will I be able to tell when I am at a healthy weight?

Everyone carries their weight a bit differently but you should be able to tell when you're at a healthy weight just by analyzing how you look and feel. This website offers a good "calculator" to show what a typical healthy weight is for a person given one's height:

Where would you be able to get a weight watchers weight chart?

The Weight Watcher's Weight Chart is available from Weight Watchers. A simple calculator is also available on their site where you can enter your height see a healthy weight range for your body.

What website has an easy to use diet calculator ?

The Diet Calculator computes the ideal body weight as well as a healthy body weight range based on height, gender, and age. People have pursued an ideal weight formula for centuries, and hundreds of formulas and tables have been created.

Are online BMI's accurate?

Some are pretty accurate, but others are not. I would advise you not to use online BMI's because many are not accurate. Sometimes when they aren't accurate, they make you feel bad about yourself. They may make you think you need to lose weight, when you really don't.One specific BMI calculator that I would advise you NOT to use, is the one on When I used this BMI, I typed the following information into the calculator: age: 13 sex: female height: 5' 2" weight: 100 lbs. My results were healthy weight, which was ok. But it listed me in the middle range of healthy weight. Which wasn't a bad thing, but I honestly thought I should be in the lower range of healthy weight. So I experimented to see how accurate this BMI calculator actually was. I pressed the back arrow, and changed my weight to 90 lbs. and pressed the "calculate" button. It still said I was a healthy weight. I went back again, and changed it to 89. Still, healthy weight. I Changed it to 88. Healthy weight. I continued going down, to see how little I could weigh, and still be a healthy weight. According to the BMI calculator, I could weigh as little as 84 pounds, and still be a healthy weight.

How can one know if they are at a healthy body weight?

You can go to the official website at the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute. They have an online calculator where you can put in your height and your weight to calculate your body mass index. That body mass index will be used on a scale to measure if your body weight is healthy.

What is a healthy weight range for age 13?

That depends on height and gender more than on the person's age. See also:Eating healthyHealthy weight calculator

How do I determine my body weight index?

Your body weight index is determined by your height and weight. I have attached a link to website that will provide you with a calculator to determine your body weight index: