Would you sit on a sitar?

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No, you would not sit on a sitar because it is a indian instrument looked kind of like a guitar but bigger and longer. -Jackie sexy Powlis
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Why would sitting in the top balcony be bad?

falling off a balcony . \nsitting on the top balcony can be bad because you can fall off and hurt yourself. you can feel unbalanced and lose control of your body falling off hahaha ...

Who invented the sitar?

Answer . It sounds like no one knows for sure. . Go to this link to read more info on the various theories http://yellowbellmusic.com/instruments/string/history_sitar.php

What is a sitar?

A sitar is a type of Indian string instrument that is similar to a guitar, but it is larger and played resting on your feet and held up

Is sitar a percussion instrument?

The Sitar is a stringed instrument from East India. It was introduced to the west during the psychedelic period of the 1960's and 1970's. Most notably was used by the Beatles on some of their later albums, generally played by George Harrison.

Where does the sitar come from?

The Sitar is most commonly associated with India, though the design varies in different parts of the country, and Pakistan and Afghanistan also have their own versions.

What are facts about sitars?

it looks like a guitar (but isn't one!). it has two set of strings, one with seven strings, while the other has twelve. it's used in Indian classical dancing. it has been used since the middle ages. its mostly used in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

What is the sitar pitch range?

A fair height. Depends on gender/sex. A fair height. Depends on gender/sex. A fair height. Depends on gender/sex

Who invented sitar?

Tradition states that Amir Khusrau a poet in the court of Allaudin Khilji was the inventor of the Sitar. Don't get Amir Khusrau confused with Khusrau Khan an 18th century figure who may have helped introduce the Sitar in Dehli and contributed to spreading its performance.

What family does the sitar come from?

The sitar belongs to the stinged instruments. May be that should be stringed instruments. You could also say plucked string instruments.

How big do sitars range from?

A sitar is a stringed instrument, originating from the seventhcentury. Typically, a sitar is about four feet in length.

Does a sitar have 12 strings?

The sitar's curved frets are movable, allowing fine tuning, and raised so thatsympathetic strings ( tarb , also known as "taarif" or "tarafdaar") can run underneath them. A sitar can have 21, 22, or 23 strings, among them six or seven played strings which run over the frets: the Gandhaar-pancham s ( Full Answer )

What does sitar mean?

Sitar is a stringed musical instrument that can be played solo or as an accompaniment to Hindustani Classical Music

How many strings does a sitar have?

A Sitar can have from 18 to 20 strings. Only the strings that goacross the frets are played. This would mean that only about 8strings on the sitar are played at any one time.

How do sitar players play the sitar?

I am a sitar player, and the way we play sitar is by sitting down, and putting one leg over the other and balancing the sitar on the leg that is slanted. We can't look at the frets on the sitar; we can only hear them, which makes it even harder. The sitar isn't that heavy, but sitting down for long ( Full Answer )

How is the sitar played?

The sitar is played by strumming or plucking its stings with a wire "pick" called a mizrab. Getting into detail, you hold the instrument while sitting with your legs crossed. You ballance the main tumba (body) between your foot and your knee. When playing, you usually strum with a "pulse" or raga. ( Full Answer )

Who plays the sitar?

The sitar is a stringed instrument with origins in India. RaviShankar is one of the mot famous sitar players in history, and inthe 1960s he influenced British pop musicians George Harrison andBrian Jones to learn to play the instrument and write mainstreamsongs that featured the sitar.

How would you describe the sit-in movement?

The "Sit-In" movement (of the 1960's - where it became popular) was a type of political protest started by Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi . A type of peaceful resistance using masses of people to effect political change in a non-violent confrontation.

How is an Sitar played?

You need to sit half lotus style with the gourd on your foot. Rest your thumb on the bone on the base of the neck and pluck with either your index finger or middle finger.

What is the sitar made out of?

The Sitar looks like a guitar but it isn't. Anyway your question. well the sitar is made out of wood. Now there's your answer. Now you can complete your homework or whatever. Thanks for reading this SparkleeET

Does the sitar play a drone?

No. It has drone strings, but these are only used for embellishment. The sitar is primarily a solo or lead instrument, the drone played by a tambura or shruti box.

How sound made in a sitar?

By sending vibrations through the strings and into the hole where it is amplified. very similar to the guitar just with different strings.

How is a sitar played?

A sitar is similar to a guitar but isn't quite the same. You strum it or pluck it It looks different to a guitar. Thanks for reading this!

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What does a sitar do?

Sitar is a stringed instrument and is used to play solo or as an accompaniment of Hinustani music.

What do you like or dislike about sitar or sarod?

My favourite Indian instrument is called sitar because, it looks very similar to guitar (I like the look of guitars)and its sound is very high pithed which can make a pice of music soun quite good. lol by pat

What is the function of a sitar?

The Sitar is a stringed instrument and it can be played solo or as an accompaniment to Hindustani Classical Music.

Should you get a sitar?

If you like Indian music, by all means you should get a sitar. If you like Scottish, go for the bagpipes instead.

What is sitar and guitar?

A sitar is a melodic instrument, played in and around India; it produces droning sounds as well as played notes, and is essential to much Indian classical music. Guitars originated in Western Europe, notably in Spain. Both instrument names descend from the same root as "zither". Indian music featur ( Full Answer )

How long does it take to make a sitar?

The length of time it takes to make a sitar depends entirely on the complexity of the instrument you've designed, your existing skill in sitar-making, and how many hours a week you can devote to designing and building the instrument. Building a proper sitar in the traditional fashion may take days ( Full Answer )

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What beatles song had the sitar in it?

One that comes to mind is 'Within you and without you", maybe a fewothers; George took lessons from Ravi Shankar so there are probablymore... The first sitar appearance in a song recorded by the Beatles was in"Norwegian Wood" on Rubber Soul . This was before George hadany formal sitar instruction a ( Full Answer )

How many many strings does a sitar have?

A typical sitar has 18, 19 or 20 strings (depending on the style) It also has 11, 12 or 13 sympathetic strings or tarbs (A.K.A. "tarif" or "tarifdar" ) running underneath the frets.

Why would chickens sit on infertile eggs?

Perhaps the chicken didn't understand that the egg was infertile. I would recommend you take the chicken to a therapist as it could have grief issues. If this doesn't help you may want to consider adding a duck or goose egg to the nest. This could ensure a pleasant surprise for the hen.

Why would a girl sit next to you?

Probably because the seat next to you was vacant and you did not smell bad or look frightening to her. There is a slight possibility that she thought you may be someone pleasant to make conversation with.

How does the sitar change pitch?

Like a violin, the more fingers on the E string (highest) makes ahigher sound e is the highest as it has a thinner string unlike theg (lowest) it has a larger thicker string. Hope i answered yourquestion!

Is a sitar a guitar?

No, however both are stringed instruments that are plucked. However the design is really quite different.

Where can one purchase sitar music?

Sitar music is available at Amazon or Ebay and other internet sites that sell cds. You may also find some on Itunes or another download site. Also try YouTube to see if they have any streaming sitar music.

What is a sentence for sitar?

"Sitar" can be used as illustrated in the sentence, "I will learnto play the sitar".

What kind of noun is sitar?

The noun 'sitar' is a singular , common , concrete noun; a word for a type of musical instrument; aword for a thing.

Was is a sitar?

If you mean what is a sitar, it is a stringed musical instrument used in classical Indian and Hindustani music.