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No. Jefferson did not write the Constitution or the Bill of Rights. He was in France during the Constitutional Convention and during the congressional debate over the Bill of Rights.

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Q: Did Thomas Jefferson write any of the US Constitution?
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Did any women write the constitution?

Did any women write the Constitution?

The Framers of the Constitution preferred which political arrangement?

The political arrangement preferred by the Framers was that of a republic, rather than a pure democracy, for example. Thomas Jefferson was one of the framers of the US Constitution.

How do you create a new constitution?

my civics teacher is making us write a new constitution any ideas

How was John Marshall's interpretation of constitution differ from Thomas Jefferson's?

John Marshall had a loose interpretation of the Constitution while Thomas Jefferson supposedly had a strict interpretation of it. John Marshall strongly believed in the elastic clause (the necessary and proper clause) which meant: "The Congress shall have Power - To make all Laws which shall be necessary and proper for carrying into Execution the foregoing Powers, and all other Powers vested by this Constitution in the Government of the United States, or in any Department or Officer thereof". So he thought that if a law was needed, then it could be added and adjusted into the Constitution and one didn't have to stick to the exact words of the Constitution. Thomas Jefferson supposedly had a strict construction of the Constitution, but his actions such as the Louisiana Purchase and the Embargo Act showed loose interpretations because neither one of those were written in the Constitution. He very rarely showed a strict interpretation where he stuck directly to the Constitution, so they really weren't that different in views even though in titles they were.

Why did Thomas Jefferson object to letting the national government issue a charter for a national bank?

Granting Congress any power not explicitly granted by the Constitution will remove all limits on its power other than what Congress itself believes to be the good of the nation.

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Did Thomas Jefferson have any involvement in writing the Constitution?

No. He was still in France.

Which of the founding fathers if any did not submit their names to the signing of the Constitution?

Thomas Jefferson

Did Thomas Jefferson have any struggles or hardships?

Thomas Jefferson had many struggles and/or hardships. One is helping form the constitution, and drafting the Declaration of Independence with precision and accuracy.

Were there any amendments passed when Thomas Jefferson was president?

Thomas Jefferson was the third president of the United States. He passed the Twelfth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution on September 25, 1804.

Did Thomas Jefferson have any facial hair?

Did Thomas Jefferson have any facial hair? No. Thomas Jefferson once quoted that he did not like that.

Why didn't Thomas Jefferson like the Constitution?

Thomas Jefferson disliked the Constitution because he thought that the constitution gave to much power to the Government. He did not like the fact that there wasn't any draft of a bill of rights in the Consitution and also, how the president didn't have a limited time of presidency (presidential terms).

Are there any revolutionary war words that start with j?

Jefferson,Thomas (Thomas Jefferson)

Did Thomas Jefferson have any pets?

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Did any women write the constitution?

Did any women write the Constitution?

Who did Thomas Jefferson use to help write the declaration of independence?

Thomas Jefferson didn't have any help. He wrote it alone. Occasionally, Benjamin Franklin would go on walks with him, and give him some ideas.

Are there any famous people with the name Thomas?

Thomas Jefferson

Did Thomas Jefferson write any other great works besides the Declaration of Independence?

the VA statute for religious freedom.

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