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2010 Federal Budget had the gov't spending $3.552 trillion dollars. There are 8765 hours in a year:

$3.552 trillion / 8,765 hours = $405,210,571 per hour

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Q: How much money does the federal government spend every hour?
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Who appropriates money for the federal government to spend?

=the treasury department!!!=

How can you get into debt?

Do what the Federal government does: spend more money than you earn.

What does the federal government spend money on?

It spends money on roads, schools, public assistance, and daily operation of the government.

What is government money?

Government money is money that we spend every day at the store or anywhere but the reason it is Government money is because they control it.

How much money does the federal government spend on court taxes?

The federal gov doesn't pay taxes

Where does the Federal Government get its money and what does it spend it on?

The Federal Gov. gets its money from the taxes we pay. They usually spend it on various projects like fixing roads and paying the construction workers.

How much does the federal government spend on education per student?

Way to much money.

What is money the government can decide how to spend?

Discretionary funds is the money the government can decide how to spend.

How much money do NASA spend every year?

"The federal government spent roughly $14 billion (B) on NASA in fiscal year 1999."

Why should you study economics?

Economics deals with money. If we study economics, then we will now how to spend our money wisely, to help out the world, or for our own personal gain. The government has most of the power in this department. They make federal money that the government can spend on stuff.

How much money does the Canadian government spend every year on aboriginals?

6.5 billion annually.

Does the federal government have the right to tell states how to spend federal funding?

Yes: under the Spending Clause of the U.S. Constitution, the federal government may condition a state's receipt of federal funds on the state's commitment to spend that money in ways consistent with federal policy. But the Tenth Amendment generally prohibits the federal government from commandeering state resources by forcing a state to participate in any federal program.

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