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Sleeping can be an adjective, depending on the context -- These are my sleeping clothes.

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Q: Is sleeping adjective
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Is sleeping an adjective?

It can be used as an adjective (it is the present participle of to sleep). Note that in "a sleeping child" it is an adjective, while in "a sleeping bag" it is a noun adjunct (bag used for sleeping).

Is little an adjective?

Yes, little is an adjective. It can also be an adverb (e.g. He is sleeping little these days).

What is the difference between sleep and asleep?

to be "asleep" means to be in the process of "sleeping".

Is sleep or sleeping a verb?

The verb is to sleep, the present participle of the verb is sleeping; for example:I am going sleep when we get to the hotel.I was sleeping when you called.Both sleep and sleeping are also nouns, and sleeping is also an adjective.

What is the adjective Dave said Shelley and some other friends are sleeping in a small Winnebago camper at her house?


What is a sentence that has an adjective that begins with the letter r?

The rough texture of the sheets made sleeping difficult.She wore a red dress.

Is the word two a noun or adjective?

The word two is an adjective because it describes an amount of items/nouns. 'There were two cats sleeping by my doorstep.' In this sentence, (as an example) two is describing the number of cats there are by the doorstep.

What is the sentence that tells about the subject?

I think it could be this things: .What a subject is doing? = verb (eating, sleeping) .What characteristics does a subject has? = adjective (fat, skiny)

Is sleeping potion a noun?

The term 'sleeping potion' is a noun phrase, a group of words based on a noun that functions as a unit in a sentence.The noun phrase 'sleeping potion' is made up of the noun'potion' described by the adjective 'sleeping'.A noun phrase will function as the subject of a sentence or a clause, and as the object of a verb or a preposition.Examples of the noun phrase in a sentence:A sleeping potion was given to the patient. (subject of the sentence)She was grateful for the rest that the sleeping potion provided. (subject of the relative clause)The nurse mixed a sleeping potion for the patient. (direct object of the verb 'mixed')He stopped at the pharmacy for a sleeping potion. (object of the preposition 'for')

What part of speech is the word sleeping?

Sleeping is the present participle of the verb sleep. Present participles are used to create the progressive tenses, as gerunds (verbal nouns), and as adjectives. Verb: The baby is sleeping peacefully. Gerund: We got lucky because the baby enjoys sleeping. Adjective: Sleeping babies are beautiful.

What does an adjective tell?

An adjective tells: Which one, how many, and what kind.Adjectives are parts of speech that describes a noun or pronoun. Adjectives are usually placed just before the words they describe.Example:1. The hairy dog has fleas. Hairy which is an adjective describes what kind of dog.2. Ten cats are sleeping. Ten which is an adjective describes how many cats.3. I want those shoes. Those which is a demonstrative adjective describes which shoes.For more information on adjectives, please refer to the Related Question section below.An adjective is a describing word.

Is place an adjective?

Place can be a noun (a place in the sun) or a verb (I placed the book on the table). It is not an adjective. Adjectives are describing words, they are used to describe things. Examples of adjectives are ugly, big, old, round, red, American, metal and sleeping (as in sleeping bag)

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