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Sparta was a military state and Athens was a democracy

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One result of Alexander's many victories was the formation of the Hellenistic civilization which was

Why did Alexander act so quickly in the matter of Thebes

The agora that was found in most cities was

Sickly Spartan babies were

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Q: The differences between Sparta and Athens?
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What are some differences between the geography of Athens and Sparta?

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What are some differences between Sparta and Athens?

Athens focused on education while Sparta focused on strength and their warlike abilities.

What are some Similarities and Differences between Athens and Sparta?

Similar by being cool

What were the differences between Athens and Sparta political systems?

Athens was a direct democracy and Sparta's was a oligarchy. An oligarchy is a government in which only a few people rule.

How were the government of Sparta and Athens different?

Athens's finnancial differences from Sparta were that Sparta had alot more gold and Athens had alot more credit.

2 differences between Athens and Sparta?

The Athens are smart and don't fight much and the spartans are fighters and mean

What are the differences between ancient Athens and ancient Sparta?

ATHENS=based on education and entertainmentSPARTA=based strictly on military and poo

Describe two differences between the cultures of Athens and Sparta?

In Sparta you had to join the army or navy when you were 7 years old! But in Athens you had to go when you were 16. Another difference is that if you where a girl in Sparta you had rights. But in Athens you barley have any rights.

The distance between Athens and Sparta?

There are approximately 153 miles between Athens and Sparta.

What are the differences between Sparta and Athens?

Spartans are from Sparta and Athens are from Athen. Plus, Athens was just a city-state, whereas Sparta is an entire different nationality.

What were three differences between Athens and Sparta?

Athens was free, Sparta had slaves. Athens had a volunteer military, Spartans had a full time Army. Athens favoured logic, strategy, and the like while Spartans favoured Strength, and brute force.

Difference between Sparta and Athens government?

Sparta - oligarchy Athens - democracy

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