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At least two subjects at A level or one A and two AS levels, at least five GCSEs which include English Language, Mathematics and a double award at science, or a separate science such as Physics or Chemistry.

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Q: What is the minimal qualifications to be an architect?
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What are the qualifications of an architect?

There are many qualifications that need to be met by an architect. These qualifications include being accurate in math calculations.

Are there minimal qualifications for investors in foreign exchange?

There are none.

How are architect's notified of projects?

Requests for proposals (RFPs) or requests for qualifications (RFQs).

What qualifications does an architect need?

one a level and one gcse in history lolacaust

How does one get a job with IASA?

It is not possible to get a job at IASA with no paper qualifications. They only hire architects and to be an architect you must have a degree. They are also unlikely to hire an architect with no work experience.

What qualifications can one have to be a building architects?

The qualifications one can have to be a building architect is generally a degree from a university or college. The degree would be in architecture. One should also have experience in the field.

What qualifications does someone need to be a cashier?

The qualifications for a cashier are usually minimal. A high school diploma with basic reading and math skills are sufficient. One must also pass a criminal background check.

What is the age limit to study bachelor of architect?

As far as I know, there is no age limit to study anything. As long as you have the academic/experiential qualifications to be accepted into a program, you're in!

Who designs building?

An architect.

What do you call a person who draws plans for buildings?


Who was architect?

architect is a job

What is a Colonial Architect?

A colonial architect is some one who is colonial and is a architect!

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