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they paint draw that stuff!

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2008-07-27 04:42:55
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Q: What job do artists do?
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What job did he have before he became an artists?

he became a lawery

What is the job availability as an artist?

Artists have good job outlooks when specializing in computer graphics. Traditional artists will have limited opportunities but may find many freelance opportunities.

What is your occupation in a sentence mean?

It means what is your job - an artists, an engineer, etc.

Why do artists make self portraits?

artists draw portraits because they are being creative about their work or job, sometimes artists draw them self's it depends if they have two faces!!! ha ha that was a joke. that's why artists make self portraits.

What is the relationship between artists and society?

it is often a job that artists take upon themselves, to comment on the injustices or just general state of society in their art.

Who is the artist in mara pets?

There are several Artists on Mara Pets. No where on the site does it tell the names of these people. But I do know that they are Currently taking job applications for artists on Mara Pets.

Why do artists make selfportraits?

First of all, they're artists. It's their job. They do it to earn lots of money by making their self portraits as good as theMona Lisa. It's beautiful.

How do you find your first job?

you think about what you like to do like if you like to draw you might want to be a artists or illistrator.

What are the job duties as a video game designer?

Programmers, artists, sound engineers, producers, game testers and game designers. :)

Are you likely to get a job in art with an art degree?

What do you mean by art? if you mean artist then no because most artists get recognized after they die.

What job keeps the world going?

Believe it or not, every single job is necessary for the function of our society.Except for maybe tattoo artists. We might be able to function without those. But that's a maybe.

One specific job of a and r?

In the music business, a and r, the Artists and Repertoire division or persons are responsible for finding new talent.

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