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There is a brand of paint sold in most hardware outlets for painting plastic or vinyl . This paint does not need primer first. It is called Krylon Fusion.

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Q: What kind of primer do you use on new vinyl or plastic?
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What type of primer should be used on new drywall?

Drywall primer.

If you use latex in your bathroom what kind of primer do you use on new drywall?

PVA is a better primer for new drywall. Do you need it, not really. Any good latex primer will do the job just as well. I guess it really just depends on what you expect your primer to do. Cheap primers will seal the drywall, but not much more. I find bonding primers and pva primers will provide a much more solid platform for topcoats. They may cost more and be a little overkill, but they will provide you with layer of primer that will allow your topcoat to dry in even. You can also dry a high build primer, which is the product I prefer to use. They give you a great platform to work from, and since they are usually about 3 mils thicker that standard primer, they fill in a lost of voids in your wall. If you go with this kind of primer, it is best to spray it. You really can't achieve the mil build up you need from a brush and roller application. If you use the roller application, and are worried about really sealing the wall and filling voids, I would recommend two coats of primer.

Can you use new drywall primer on previously painted wall?

Yes, you can.

When is primer needed when painting?

Primer is needed when there is no existing paint is present. If new drywall is present then a drywall primer is applied, a paint primer then paint. Read the instructions on what ever paint you buy. Most new paints say that you don't need to prime over the old paint and they cover better then they use to. So you follow the instructions on the new paint, it will either recommend priming the walls or it won't. But if you don't use a primer over old paint, you should buy a paint cleaner that preps the wall for the new paint. This will give the old paint a good surface so the new paint adheres well to it and down the road you don't get bubbling or peeling.

Can you use 2 year-old flat latex paint as a primer for new eggshell latex paint?

I wouldn't use old paint that may have separated. Buy a primer.

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What kind of glue to use to bond leather and vinyl together?

The fairly new adhesive, PL Premium, will glue vinyl and leather.

What type primer should be used on new galvanized?

New galvanized what ? -Are you talking about galv steel framing ? If so it need no priming. Steel studs are within the wall and do not need any kind of primer or paint.

Can Behr Premium Plus Ultra be used on new drywall?

Yes it can. (but it's kind of expensive to use as primer ! )

What type of primer to use on a new drywall?

Regular drywall primer.

What type of primer should be used on new drywall?

Drywall primer.

How do you glue vinyl floorong over existing vinyl flooring?

Normally, installing new vinyl directly over old vinyl is not recommended because most manufacturers will not honor the warranty. Any bumps or dips in the surface can translate through your new vinyl. Dye or stains from the old vinyl can also seep into the new vinyl. But you can remedy this by applying an embossing leveler over the old vinyl, and then sealing it with an acrylic sealer. Then trowel your glue onto the sealed surface, and install your new vinyl. Most recommended practice, however, is to remove the old vinyl OR install new wood underlayment on top of the old vinyl. Then spread your glue and install new vinyl. As always, check the installation instructions for your new vinyl.

I have an older house but I am not sure what kind of vinyl siding I should use.?

Vinyl siding looks good and is easy to install. You shouldn't have any problems using vinyl siding on any house, old or new. Its lightweight and just nails right on.

When was the New England Primer removed from Public School?

The New England Primer was removed from public schools in the middle of the 20th century.

How much primer for 800 sq ft of new drywall?

About 3-4 gallons of primer. Don't be stingy with it. Better primer coat improves your finish coat and primer is cheap.

How do you seal new vinyl flooring?

vinyl is impervious to liquid and does not need any sealing.

What type of primer used on new drywall?

"Drywall primer" -Yes, -it's called exactly that -right on the can !

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