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Stained Glass Windows was created in 1948.

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Q: When was Stained Glass Windows created?
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When was Transparent Stained-Glass Windows created?

Transparent Stained-Glass Windows was created in 2002.

When was Smith Museum of Stained Glass Windows created?

Smith Museum of Stained Glass Windows was created in 2000.

Are stained glass windows religious?

Yes, stained glass windows have a particular religious significance.

How many pages does Transparent Stained-Glass Windows have?

Transparent Stained-Glass Windows has 83 pages.

What purpose do stain glass windows serve?

Stained glass windows are used to depict images, usually thematic. e.g. In a church, there would be stained glass windows depicting stories from The Bible, in a college lecture hall, there could be stained glass windows depicting flora and fauna.

What were stained glass windows?

Stained glass windows are windows made of elaborately colored glass that usually make a picture of some sort. They are mostly used in churches.

When was Stained Glass Morning created?

Stained Glass Morning was created in 1970.

When was Stained Glass - novel - created?

Stained Glass - novel - was created in 1978.

Stained glass windows in the middle ages?

Your questions needs to say what you want to know ABOUT stained glass windows in the Middle Ages.

How and where does one sell stained glass windows?

One place to sell stained glass is on EBay.

Why stained glass windows over clear glass windows?

Stained Glass Windows are much more of a sight to passers by, when walking past a church would you rather see coloured glass or clear glass? There's your answer.

Stained glass windows were used for?

they used staind glass windows to keep the petifiles out

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