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The number of craters on the moon are too many to count. Approximately 300,000 craters with diameters of 1 km or more are visible from ground based telescopes. High-definition photographs from lunar probes reveal millions of craters. Extreme closeups show countless microscopic craters.

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Q: How many craters does the moon have?
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How many craters are in the moon.?

There are 375 craters in the moon.....

How many eruptions did Craters of the Moon have?

Craters on the moon are not volcanic, they are impact craters.

What caused the moon to have many craters?

Meteorites. They hit the moon frequently, causing many craters.

List of craters on the moon?

The moon has many, many craters on it. Some of the larger craters are Tycho, Werner, Whipple, Theophilus, and Campbell.

Is there a way to figure out how many craters are on the moon?

isw there a way to figure how may craters are on the moon

How many craters are there on the moon?


Who used a telescope to discover craters on the moon?

Many of the larger craters on the moon can be seen from earth without a telescope, so nobody discovered craters on the moon with a telescope.

Why does Mars not have as many craters as the Moon?

Mars, unlike the Moon, has an atmosphere and strong winds which erode craters.

Does the moon have a viable atmosphere?

No...the moon has no atmosphere. This is why the moon has many craters.

Does the moon has craters?

The moon has plenty of craters, many of which can be seen from Earth, with a good telescope or binoculars. The craters are there, because the moon has no atmosphere for the objects to burn up in, so all of them hit the moon.

Does the moon have many craters left by meteor crashes?

Yes.The moon actually does have craters left by meteor crashes.

What caused many craters in the moon?

Since the Moon is cold and has no volcanoes, virtually all the craters there are the results of impacts.

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