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The daytime temperature of mars is 56 degrees

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Q: What is daytime temperature on Mars?
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What the average daytime temperature on Mars?

The average nighttime temperature is -63°C, but the daytime temperature is 36°C!

What is the temperature and composition of Mars?

The nighttime temperature on Mars is extremely cold. The average daytime temperature is -23 degrees celsius.

What is Mars highest temperature?

Mars has an average temperature of about -63C. At the Viking 1 lander site, it was found that the daytime temperature ranged from -89 to -31C.

Are mercury's day hotter than mars?

Of course. The temperature of Mars during daytime is usually many degrees below zero, which is very cold, but daytime temperature on Mercury is about 750 F (400 C), a stunning hot temperature that is hundreds of degrees hotter than the warmest temperature on Mars.

What is the coldest temperature ever recorded on Mars?

The temperature on Mars is not often recorded so it is hard to say what the coldest temperature is. However, scientists know that Mars can reach a daytime high of around 70 degrees but with no atmosphere to hold in heat, the temperature frequently drops to -225 degrees.

How is planet Mars and planet Earth environment different?

Mars' nighttime temperature is extremely cold. Its average daytime temperature is -23 degrees celsius. Mostly all of Mars' atmosphere is carbon dioxide. Little is oxygen. Liquid water probably does not exist on mars. Mars' surface is red/orange and rough. It has some sand and a lot of rock.

What is the average daytime temperature in Celsius?

The average daytime temperature on Earth is 59º F (15º C).

What is the daytime surface temperature of the sun?

The average daytime surface temperature at the sun's surface is 9,941 degrees fahrenheit.

What is the daytime temperature of Saturn?

it 321

What is the average daytime and nighttime temperatures on mars?

999 degrees c in night time in daytime 899 degrees c

Whats the temperature on Mars?

The temperature on Mars is between 60 and 70.

What is the yearly change of temperature on Mars?

the temperature of mars is 26 degrees

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