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They ensure that you regulate your body temperature by loosing heat from the body through sweat.

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Q: How do sweat glands play a major role in regulating body temperature?
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How does the skin help to regulate body temperature?

The skin has sweat glands which excrete sweat. These glands help in regulating body temperature because when it is hot the glands excrete the heat from the body through sweat and when it is cold the vessels are hidden deeper inside the skin to help retain the warmth.

What are the two major types of glands in the skin?

The sweat glands and the sebaceous glands. Sweat glands produce sweat which cools the body temperature. The sebaceous glands produce sebum, an oily secretion that gives the skin a smooth appearance and also protects from invading pathogens.

How do perspiration important in regulating body temperature?

Perspiration is when your sweat glands release sweat to cool down the skin. The sweat evaporates and takes heat away with it. BO is not directly from sweat; bacteria on the skin metabolizes the sweat molecules and it's waste is what BO is.

Which glands play a role in body temperature?

Eccrine glands (sweat glands).

How do sweat glands maintain body temperature?

Sweat glands are crucial to maintaining body temperature. They do so by making you release excess heat through sweat and evaporation of it.

What does the sweat gland control?

The sweat glands control body temperature.

How do sweat glands respond to a high external temperature?

It's called sweat

What makes sweat?

Seat glands create sweat based on the body temperature.

What benefit do sweat glands provide?

The sweat glands provide one major benefit. This is they regulate your body's core temperature. When your body starts to get over 96.5 degrees Fahrenheit you begin sweating. Then when it evaporates of it helps to cool down your core temperature.

How sweat is produced?

Sweat is produced by the sweat glands under the skin. These are tubular glands under the epidermis of the skin. These glands are controlled by the hypothalamus (brain). When a person's body temperature rises, the temperature receptors on the skin sense it and sends the signals to the hypothalamus. This in turn makes the hypothalamus to signal the sweat glands to release sweat. This lowers the temperature of the skin and hence keeps the body cool.

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