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Q: How does a cat use energy?
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How does a cat obtain and use energy?

cats use and obtain energy by the food they eat or the environment they live in (from the sun). for instance, lets say that the cats are outside, they take energy from the sun.

Explain the factors that account for the loss of energy in the transfer from mouse to cat?

The mouse use some energy is used in respiration(loss as heat) and the others used as growth( which will then pass on to the cat)

How does a regular pet cat obtain and use energy?

Obtain: by eating food. Use: by walking, jumping, meowing, breathing, ...

What energy role is the cat in the food web?

what energy role does the cat play in the food web

What is a photovoltiac energy?

a cat

Does purring in cats burn calories?

Purring does burn calories in a cat. Anything a cat does requires energy. Energy is gained by calories in a cat's diet.

Is a cat an organism?

Yes, a cat is an organism. Everything living such as animals, people and plants are organisms because they all use energy, have cells, reproduce, grow, and have DNA.

What is the energy source of a cat?

Its energy is derived from the nutrients in the food it consumes.

What type of energy does a cat sitting on a branch have?

The cat has potential energy from gravity, chemical energy from its metabolism, thermal energy because it is warm blooded, and nuclear energy from the strong force acting on its nuclei. Since E = m*c^2, the average cat possesses enough nuclear energy to level a city. Considering a cat is unlikely to level a city in any other way, all other forces can be considered negligible in comparison to the nuclear energy of the cat. However, since man has yet to split the cat atom, this nuclear energy is rendered unusable. Since we previously concluded that all other forces were negligible, it can safely be assumed that the cat possesses no energy at all. This is why cats lie around all day, because they have no energy. This is the reason dogs make better pets than cats.

Why does your cat not use the litterbox?

a cat wont use a litterbox if its dirty

What tools can you use to groom your cat?

Use a brush to groom a cat.

What kind of plant that cat can eat?

I use to work in a field of CAT NIP and learned that they use it in cat food, toy's for cat's ect... cat's love it.

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